What to do in Athens on a rainy day?


Все мы знаем, что Греция – это страна тепла и солнца. And by statistics, which began to lead the ministers of the Holy Olympus, 300 days a year the land of Hellas is illuminated by sunlight. But what about without rain? Rain in summer is a rare and short-lived phenomenon. But in autumn and winter, it can rain day or two. And if your greek vacation fell on the autumn-winter period, then do not let the gloomy weather darken the long-awaited vacation.

Here are some examples of what to do in Athens in rainy weather

Go to museums

Even if it is raining outside, a visit to the museum will be great. way to spend the day in the Greek capital. Athens is huge number of historical places with interesting exhibitions and exposures. And some of them are located in the city center in walking accessibility from the metro station.

So, the new museum of the Acropolis, impressive historical exposition of which is located on three floors modern building located just a few meters from the station Metro Acropolis.

A trip to the National Archaeological Museum will help you learn new ones. Details from the rich ancient Greek history.

What to do in Athens on a rainy day?

In general, trips to Athenian museums in bad weather today are A very popular pastime among people of different ages. AND no doubt: in the city center you can find many thematic museums: archaeological, military, art and many others.

Go shopping

Shopping in Athens is a good way to spend your money and get pleasure from it. First, you are shopping in Europe, and the chance to buy a quality item for reasonable money is more than in Russia. Secondly, it’s raining outside! Plaka, Monastiraki, Kolonaki, Athens and Ermu streets – this is where you need to go shopping in Athens.

And do not go to the movies?

Do not be afraid of the fact that in Greek you can say only “χυχαριστώ”. If you speak English well enough level, then there is the opportunity to watch a movie in the original language. There are several cinemas in the center of Athens where films are shown. in English with Greek subtitles. Mostly in Such cinemas are screening European cinema.

What to do in Athens on a rainy day?

But you can go to a large cinema complex Odeon Starcity, which is located near the hotel Athens Ledra Hotel.

Greek coffee is a great Greek tradition.

What to do in Athens on a rainy day? a photo: stsividakis.com

Surely you have repeatedly heard how the Greeks spent hours spend time with a cup of aromatic coffee.

We have: we ran into a cafe, ordered an espresso, talked from forces of 30 minutes and … further rushed about their business.

In Greece, everything is different. No need to hurry anywhere! Hour, one and a half, or even two. Coffee does not like to rush.

So take your favorite book or tablet and go in the nearest cafe, sit back at the table and enjoy the taste of greek coffee.

We recommend you visit the stylish cafe at the Benaki Museum, which It is located near the Greek Parliament (Metro Syntagma).

No dull holiday in Athens on a rainy day!

photo: Kris Kadas

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