What to buy in Rhodes

Shopping in Rhodes will surprise you with a variety of choices. Here there are enough large stores and small family shops, and traditional markets. Therefore, among the proposed products is easy to find not only familiar to Greece souvenirs, but also what is famous for it is Rhodes.

30.06.2014What to buy in Rhodes

Памятные сувениры с Родоса

In Rhodes, as elsewhere in Greece, almost the entire population orthodox And religious tourists are set to bring from Travel souvenirs on this subject. If you are planning a trip to a monastery or any other holy place worth spending the money on an icon created by the hands of church ministers. Such a gesture is not only will help the development of the monastery: these icons clearly gain in quality, than those found on the market.

Always a good idea for a souvenir from Rhodes – ceramics. And this island in the creation of ceramic products especially excelled. In accordance with Greek traditions, any master inherits his skill from ancestors. Therefore, surely purchased ceramics will have its own characteristics and “chips” that distinguish it from ceramics of another dynasty. On the Rhodian plates, amphoras and bowls most often depict the symbols of the island – the deer, the famous Colossus and mythological motifs typical of Greece. In Archangelos sell especially bright products – local samples are considered the best.

What to buy in Rhodesphoto: ellada-russia.ru

Clothes, shoes

Rhodes is famous for its leather and wool products. Range stores vary: there are belts, wallets, jackets, umbrellas, raincoats, bags, coats. It is worth looking at the sandals – Greek pride. In Rhodes, every market has a pavilion with an abundance leather sandals. Here you can choose a product of any size or even order sandals according to personal wishes. And at this price of these shoes is more than affordable – from 17 Euro.

Those who are going to buy in Rhodes are not only local clothes, but also branded items, will appreciate the variety of branded stores. AT The capital of such outlets is several thousand. Among them – Benneton, H&M, Zara. Prices are lower for many things, and the choice is wider, than in Russia.

Foreign tourists sometimes purposefully go to Greece for fur coats. But they choose Kastoria for this purpose. On Rhodes can also find great items for the price of 1000 euros. At the same time it is worth buying a hat or mittens, which often sew from skins, so the cost is usually low


From Rhodes, you can not go back without makeup, and men Cosmetics here are also widely represented. Quite Korres and Olive brands are popular Way. The latter not only gained fame abroad – she was born in Rhodes. In 1993, the first store opened on the island since then, cosmetics of this brand are on every counter throughout Greece You need to bring some olive from Rhodes soap. A piece costs 1-2 euros, and as a natural additives use rose, cinnamon, chamomile, lavender, lemon, mint and even chocolate.

What to buy in Rhodes


In the capital of the island at every turn – jewelry the shops. However, products on the shelves are not only belong to the hands of local jewelers, but also brought from all over Greece. The skill level is very high, silver is especially good. jewelry and creations with precious stones. Also recommended look into the private shops of watchmakers. By the way, if in the case of other goods seek discounts are not accepted, then when buying jewelry bargaining is quite appropriate.


If you manage to visit some Rhodian village, It is worth looking at local textiles. Behind him You can go to Lindos, which has long been recognized as the center handicraft. And one of the most stable traditions is making tablecloths, bed linen, scarves, lace. Creations of the Greek masters do not leave tourists indifferent, and many people buy several such original souvenirs at once. At the same time you can buy a small carpet that is convenient to transport. to the homeland.

Little things

No matter how many say that magnets are too banal souvenir, tourists can rarely resist the temptation. But to even magnets were original, it is worth buying them in villages, local craftsmen. Prices for their products are lower and the choice on the contrary – rich.

In any market there are whole baskets of marine A sponge is another gift from Rhodes, worthy of attention. Often sponges come from other islands. Price depends entirely on size, but even the smallest one is worth 1 The euro can serve for many years. Sea sponge will and washcloth, and sponge for the face. It should say that she does not save bacteria and safer to use than artificial analogs.

A very special and useful gift from Rhodes is local honey It has a bright taste, because Bees here collect pollen from fragrant flowers in green valleys. Best honey, of course, from private traders from the villages. Olive oil they have the same quality – homemade is valued higher.

What to buy in Rhodesphoto: The Shop Rhodes

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