What Thais eat and how, in general, they eat in Thailand?

Interested in what Thais will do? In this material can get an answer to this question.

Thailand in the matter of taking food is traditionally similar to China, where This process is done by a large company. Present placed together at a table in the center of which is located common dishes. Each individual is put only a portion of rice in a separate plate. From the common dishes take food themselves small slices (especially Thai cuisine).

It doesn’t matter what they eat in Thailand, since the local residents are considered gourmets. Thais eat everything, so they strive try a little all the dishes that are on the table. Usually in the process of eating using special tables with rotating round center. Anyone present can turn to his interest. his thai dish.

What Thais eat

Most tourists believe that in all Asian countries eat exclusively with special chopsticks. Sticks are used and in Thailand in the process of eating, but not only they help to local residents while being at the table. Thais can take food with:

  1. Sticks. Their inhabitants of Thailand use in the process of eating various types of noodles, such as Pad Thai. The sticks are served to sushi, but the Thais more often eat them by hand. No more chopsticks are served.
  2. Hands In this way, Thais eat at home. Arms used to eat any food except liquid dishes. Farangu can seem such a way somewhat strange Especially, when in the general portion everyone will start hands on which are the remains of the sauce or stuck rice.
  3. Cutlery. Fork and spoon are served only in restaurants and Cafe. Some Thais use them at home. With this plug by local residents used to put food in a spoon which ingested directly with food.

What Thais eat

Summarizing, it can be noted that about 60% of the local population Thailand eats by means of hands. About cutlery they have representation, but do not consider them a great necessity. Sticks for Thais are more familiar.

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