Types of Thai Alcohol

Although Asia is deservedly considered the most non-drinking continent in the world, ㅡ The situation in Thailand could not but affect the years of leadership in international tourism. Alcohol is available here today. for almost every taste and wallet, which, by the way, is quite possible bring homeland from Thailand. And above all, I would like to mention the drinks traditional for this region, and that is, Thai alcohol!

First of all, it is rum “Sang Som”, beloved by many for an exceptional ratio of price and degree of purification. It was he is the basis of the famous “buckets” during the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan. In spite of this ㅡ suitable and highly recommended for use in clean the form.

Sang Som in Thailand

Also among the Thai strong alcoholic drinks you can notice huge flasks with thai “whiskey” I am Dong ㅡ alcohol tincture of herbs. It happens that added to the herbs exotic amphibian, reptile or arthropod; in life often poisonous. Eating such a drink relies on mango or guava, dusted with a mixture of sugar and chili.

I Dong in Thailand

More or less of these Thai temples are produced here. “Blend”, “Handrid Pipers” and “Johnny Walker”. BUT Here you will not find brandy in Thailand, this kind of alcohol is not there occurs (but, as an option, you can try a local brand “Regency”).

Whiskey Bland in Thailand Johnny Walker's Whiskey in Thailand

Thai made two kinds of: fruit and rice raw materials. Shades of taste are in this range from “compote” to vaguely reminiscent of the “Soviet Champagne”. On sale you can find wine from pineapple, lychee, mangosteen, rambutan. Thai grape wine too comes across, but to taste it loses much to European. The latter here, by the way, are quite expensive ㅡ from 150 baht for wineglass. Relatively inexpensive grape wine imported from Australia

Wine in Thailand

On the shelves of shops Thai wine is easy to confuse with moonshine because of similar colored labels. For the body, such alcohol can turn into a difficult test, because Braga, throughout visibility harsh Thai men used to distill like horrible and horrible.

Three brands can be distinguished from the variety of Thai beer: “Chang,” “Leo,” and “Sindha.” They are all bright and lungs, especially after adding fast ice, with which taken to drink beer in Thailand.

Beer in Thailand

Alcohol in Thailand is released from 11.00 to 14.00 and after 17.00. It is forbidden to sell alcohol to persons not reached the age of 20, as well as on some holidays. If by one of the above reasons you cannot purchase alcohol ㅡ will have to either empty the bar or learn to relax and have fun without doping. The latter is given here with a phenomenal by ease. So, we considered alcoholic beverages, but what about soft drinks thailand?

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