Weather in Greece in September 2019

Weather in Greece in September 2019

Have you already decided where to spend the “velvet season”? If not, then Better Greece you will not find.

The weather there this month is just great.

This article will tell:

  • What is the weather in Greece in September, the water temperature and of air.
  • Which resort is best for recreation.
  • What is worth considering, going to the resorts of this country autumn.
  • The price of tours and independent rest in the Greek resorts in September 2019.

The content of the article

  1. “Velvet season” with perfect weather
  2. Greece in September: where better to go?
    1. Crete in September
    2. Rhodes in September
    3. Thessaloniki in September
    4. Santorini in September
    5. Where it is better to rest at this time with the child?
  3. Should I go on holiday to Greece at the beginning of autumn?
    1. Prices for tours to Greece in September 2019

“Velvet season” with perfect weather

September may well compete with the summer months, since at this time in Greece is even more comfortable than in August or July. AT the first weeks of the month the air temperature will slightly decrease, and the sea remains still warm. The most important thing is that the heat leaves. Rains rare, and mostly stands warm windless weather.

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Weather in Greece in September 2019
Resort Happy At night Water temperature
Crete + 26 … 28 ° C +19 … 21 ° C + 25 ° C
Rhodes + 25… 27 ° C + 21… 23 ° C + 27 ° C
Thessaloniki + 25… 27 ° C + 15… 17 ° C + 25 ° C
Santorini + 25… 27 ° C + 23… 24 ° C + 24 ° C
Athens + 27 … 29 ° C +19 … 21 ° C + 25 ° C
Corfu + 26 … 27 ° C + 20… 22 ° C + 25 ° C


  • September is deprived of heat, and the rest becomes more comfortable than summer.
  • In Crete and in the vicinity there is arid weather.
  • In the northern and western part of the country from the middle of the month begin precipitation.
  • In the eastern regions, the probability of precipitation is low.

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Greece in September: where better to go?

Greece is truly an amazing Mediterranean country that gathered on its territory almost all the benefits of tourism of the world.

There are resorts for every taste, so the choice is yours!

Crete in September

Many tourists prefer to visit Crete in September, so as the air temperature here becomes more comfortable compared to the summer months. Warmly holds both day and night. what As for the rains, they do not exceed two in September. days

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Weather in Crete in September 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
+ 26 … 28 ° C +19 … 21 ° C + 25 ° C

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Things to do

Crete offers an excellent opportunity to all its guests, not only plunge headlong into a beach holiday, but also get to know lots of attractions and also enjoy the unique nature of the island. And September, by the way, promotes comfortable travel to explore the cultural heritage of Crete.

The island has a lot of interesting places, respectively, the number of excursions here are huge. The most interesting excursions:

  • Lake Curna.
  • Plateau Lassithi.
  • Monastery Kera.
  • Knossos palace.
  • Church of St. Nicholas.
  • Kurtaliot gorge.

Weather in Crete in September - the Ancient City of Gortyn

Crete, Fortress Fortezza

Crete, Samaria Gorge

Rhodes in September

Rhodes in September is the best time for vacation. Sea for the summer months warmed up so that you can safely swim, but the sultry heat is declining, so sunbathing is even more comfortable. Sometimes there are already winds. In early September, there is no rain.

Weather in Rhodes in September 2019
Happy Happy Water temperature
+ 25… 27 ° C + 21… 23 ° C + 27 ° C

Things to do

Rhodes is washed by two seas at once. Eastern Mediterranean the coast cannot boast of nature, but Lindos will force everyone admire the local panoramas. By the way, scenic views can be admire straight from the taverns.

In September, there are events on the island go. Festival “Yalisia” will plunge into the atmosphere Greek culture, as well as buy a couple of souvenirs at the fair craftsmen products. Holiday “Timiou Stavrou”, held in Kalies district, popular with national music and dance. In the end September in Rhodes celebrate the Day of Tourism, during the holiday all guests of the island can enjoy local performances musicians.

Local attractions worth visiting:

  • The Colossus of Rhodes.
  • Rhodes fortress.
  • Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.
  • Rhodes Acropolis.

Weather in Rhodes in September - Mandraki Harbor

Rhodes, Palace of the Great Masters

Rhodes Monastery Zambika

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Thessaloniki in September

The weather in Thessaloniki in September remains quite comfortable for recreation. The heat subsides, the water in the sea is warm, it’s time to swim and visit local attractions. It rains more often in average precipitation falls in September twice a week.

Weather in Thessaloniki in September 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
+ 25… 27 ° C + 15… 17 ° C + 25 ° C

Things to do

Thessaloniki is a popular resort that is cultural capital and famous for its festivals. Here in in the literal sense of the word, you can walk along the streets from morning to night.

Attractions that you must visit:

  • White Tower.
  • Aristotle Square.
  • Arch and tomb of Galerius.
  • Archaeological Museum.
  • Hagia Sophia.

Weather in Thessaloniki in September - Arch and tomb of Galerius

Thessaloniki, the White Tower

Thessaloniki, Aristotle Square

Souvenirs brought from Thessaloniki:

  • Greek clothes.
  • Olive oil.
  • Olives.
  • Local wine.
  • Products from copper, ceramics and bronze.

Santorini in September

The weather in Santorini in September is quite comfortable for the rest: the heat unlike in August, the sea is warm, the rains are practically not.

Weather in Santorini in September 2019
Happy At night Water temperature
+ 25… 27 ° C + 23… 24 ° C + 24 ° C

Things to do

Santorini is a unique island having a volcanic the origin and rest here promises to be incredibly romantic and unforgettable. Quite often, from neighboring resorts are satisfied. excursions to this island, because as soon as you can to fully experience Greece in a special way.

For lovers of antiquities, this resort is a godsend, because the island considered part of the sunken Atlantis.

Places that you must visit:

  • Antique Fira.
  • Archaeological Reserve Akrotiri.
  • The mansion of George Argyros.
  • Monastery of Elijah the Prophet.
  • The church of Agiu Mina.
  • Wine Museum.
  • Balconies of Santorini.
  • Winery “Santo Wines”.

Weather in Santorini in September - Nea Kameni

Santorini, Thirassia

Santorini, Imerovigli

Where it is better to rest at this time with the child?

Well, what interesting things are there in the resorts of Greece for little ones? travelers? After all, the curiosity of children sometimes just does not have boundaries. If adults can relax on the beach and not particularly strive run on excursions, children need impressions. Therefore, for all who goes on a journey with his child, we picked up The main places that will be interesting to children in Greece.

Crete for kids

Yes, Crete boasts a ton of attractions, but there are not so many special entertainments for children. Still, we’ll give you a couple of places where you can reduce your child

Holidays with children in Crete, Water City

Aquarium CRETAquarium – one of the largest in the Mediterranean Aquariums, which contains more than 2500 fish, mollusks and other inhabitants of the underwater kingdom.

Another aquarium terrarium – Aquaworld, is private organization. The owners of this aquarium have a truly kind soul, because they take on the maintenance of all aquatic animals that have become need their masters.

Another place that deserves the attention of the little guests of Crete – Water City Water Park, which gives an unforgettable hours of fun thanks to its pools, slides and waterfalls.

Rhodes for children

Rhodes is the perfect place to relax with children. All because what was there to take care of the comfort of the little guests. Local Hotels created a children’s menu, swimming pools, spacious rooms, there are also the opportunity to use the services of a nanny and order animation.

Holidays with children in Rhodes, Valley of the Butterflies

For impressions you should go to the Valley of the Butterflies, where you can long admire thousands of these adorable insects.

Thessaloniki for children

This resort is not as suitable for families with children as two previous.

Still, if you want to please your child, you can go to Zoo “Zoologikos Kipos Thessalonikis”.

Holidays with children in Thessaloniki, Waterland Water Park

Older children will be interested to visit the Museum of Natural History. For those who love outdoor activities, you can visit village Lengohori, where everyone is given riding lessons.

Santorini for children

Santorini, as Thessaloniki cannot boast of having something interesting for children. The main entertainment here – walks on a picturesque area.

Holidays with children in Santorini, Akrotiri

In Perissa there is a small water park, which will appeal to both adults and children alike. On its territory there are several slides and pools. On the coast of Kamari, there is a play area with attractions.

Older children may be interested in the archeological museum, and specifically – the excavation of Akrotiri.

Should I go on holiday to Greece at the beginning of autumn?

If you could not spend your vacation in Greece in the summer, do not despair, because autumn is even better here. In September, the heat goes on recession, so the torment of heat is not yet to be, however water at sea remains comfortable for swimming. Therefore, rest in resorts Greece in the “velvet season” – this is what you need.

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What to consider when going to the resorts of this country in September:

  • With the arrival of September, rest in the resorts of Greece becomes more comfortable than summer.
  • Resting on Crete, still be afraid of open sunny rays, the heat, though it subsides, but the sun is still active.
  • Going to rest in Thessaloniki, just in case, grab with an umbrella
  • Rhodes is worth a rest in the first half of September, so how the second can be rainy.
  • If you spend your holidays with children, it’s best to go. to Crete or Rhodes.

Prices for tours to Greece in September 2019

What could be better than relaxing in the “velvet season”? Only rest in Greece! What prices promise the main resorts of Greece, you can find out right now.

Prices for tours to Greece in September 2019
Resort Number of stars in the hotel (hotel) Tour price for two
7 days 10 days
Crete 3 * from 43 505 rub. from 62 696 rub.
Rhodes 3 * from 52 593 rub. from 72 523 rub.
Thessaloniki 3 * from 49 026 rubles from 58 651 rub.
Santorini 3 * from 42 000 rub. from 59 000 rub.

Prefer independent rest? Then check out prices.

Prices for independent holidays in Greece in September 2019 of the year
Resort Airfare (one way) Price of hotel room (night) Apartment rental price (per day)
Crete from 18 351 rub. from 5,067 rubles. from 2 759 rub.
Rhodes from 11 850 rub. from 3 344 rub. from 3,087 rubles.
Thessaloniki from 16 310 rub. from 2 429 rub. from 2 001 rub.
Santorini from 15 662 rub. from 3 575 rub. from 5 518 rubles.
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