Weather in Greece in June 2019

Weather in Greece in June 2019

June is the best time for a family holiday, because this is the season. vacations and summer holidays.

In Greece you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay: warm sea, hot but not hot weather and many interesting excursions.

From this article you will learn:

  • What is the weather in Greece in June, what is the water temperature and of air.
  • What are the most interesting places to travel.
  • Where in Greece is best to relax with children.
  • How much will your trip cost in June 2019.

The content of the article

  1. What is the weather in the Greek resorts?
  2. Greece in June: where better to go?
    1. Crete in June
    2. Rhodes in June
    3. Thessaloniki in June
    4. Santorini in June
    5. Where better to relax in Greece with a child?
  3. What you need to know, going to Greece in the summer?
    1. Prices for holidays in Greece in June 2019
    2. What you need to pay attention, going to Greece?

What is the weather in the Greek resorts?

In June in Greece – the real summer! By the middle of the month The temperature rises to 30 degrees. So lovers soak up under the hot sun they will find here exactly what want to.

The water in the sea is warm, and there is very little rain during this period.

Because of the rare rains, the humidity of the air is low, which is very affects the quality of rest: there is no sweltering heat, and the heat of the day is carried very easily.

Weather in Greece in June 2019
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
Athens 29-31 ° C 19-21 ° C 23-24 ° C
Rhodes 26-28 ° C 21-23 ° C 23-24 ° C
Thessaloniki 29-31 ° C 17-19 ° C 23-25 ​​° C
Santorini 26-28 ° C 22-24 ° C 22-24 ° C
Heraklion 26-28 ° C 19-21 ° C 22-24 ° C
Chalkidiki 27-28 ° C 21-23 ° C 23-25 ​​° C
Crete 25-27 ° C 17-19 ° C 23-24 ° C

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Greece in June: where better to go?

Greece in June

Where in June you will find the most comfortable and interesting holiday?

Where to go with the child?

More details below.

Crete in June

And at the beginning of June and at the end the weather in Crete is really summer. The sea is warm, with weak waves, and the wind is weak. The weather is almost every day is sunny, so wishing to tan accurately return from a holiday with a bronze-colored skin.

Weather in Crete in June 2019
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
25-27 ° C 17-19 ° C 23-24 ° C

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What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Knossos is an ancient city with a beautiful palace;
  • Koules Fortress – the medieval maritime fortress of Heraklion;
  • Dikteyskaya cave or Psychro Cave;
  • Archaeological Museum of Chania.

Weather in Crete in June - Archaeological Museum of Chania

Greece Crete Dikteyskaya cave

Greece Crete Knossos

Greece Crete Koules Fortress

Things to do?

Crete – the largest Greek island. And here, there seems to be everything!

Hotels offer both a relaxing beach holiday and active nightlife with clubs and discos.

Excursion programs are varied: you can visit the field ancient cities, and you can find out how the locals live in villages, what they do and what they do for a living.

Visit the many museums, the famous labyrinth of the Minotaur, ruins of the cities of Malia and Gortis.

Do not forget to visit Cretan wineries and sample local wines National Greek cuisine should not be left without attention!

On the island you can cheaply rent a car, and then you will be able to explore its remote scenic spots.

Missing in June here just will not have to!

Rhodes in June

In early June, here comes the beach season, and rain on the island practically does not happen. The weather is already warm enough to long sunbathing on the beach, but not yet so hot to hide from the heat in the shadow. It is at this time that the tan turns out the smoothest and soft.

Weather in Rhodes in June 2019
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
26-28 ° C 21-23 ° C 23-24 ° C

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Filerimos – a monastery on a mountain, a monument of history;
  • Seven Springs – tourist attraction, powerful spring coming to the surface in 7 places;
  • The Hill of Profitis Ilias – translated from Greek – mountain The Prophet Elijah;
  • The Old Town of Rhodes is an ancient quarter measuring 2×3 kilometers, located right in the center of the modern capital.

Weather in Rhodes in June - Old Town of Rhodes

Greece Rhodes Seven Sources

Greece Rhodes Filerimos

Greece Rhodes Profits Ilias Hill

Things to do?

As long as there is no sultry heat, you can have a great time exploring Isle. If you rent a car or motorbike, you can get to even the most remote and wild places.

Desert wild beaches fascinate with their unspoiled beauty.

Guided tours on the island are also held, especially popular – to the spring “7 sources” and in the valley of butterflies. Also there are many sea cruises along the island and to the neighboring to the islands.

For tourists in June, an entertainment program “Evenings on the island of Rhodes, where you will see Greek dancing, you will hear traditional greek music and taste the national dishes the kitchen.

Thessaloniki in June

In summer, not only tourists from Europe come here, but also Greeks: with the onset of heat Thessaloniki come to life and turn into real tourist paradise.

Especially good here at the end of June, since the sun at this time not so aggressive: it already heats well, but it still does not bake. It is noteworthy that it rains about 4 times this month. month.

Weather in Thessaloniki in June 2019
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
29-31 ° C 17-19 ° C 23-25 ​​° C

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Hagia Sophia – an ancient Byzantine temple;
  • The Basilica of Saint Demetrius – the majestic Christian temple;
  • Museum of Byzantine Culture – Large Collection antiquities;
  • The Museum of Photography is one of the three museums of modern art in Thessaloniki.

Weather in Thessaloniki in June - St. Demetrios Basilica

Greece Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture

Greece Thessaloniki Hagia Sophia

Museum of Photography

Things to do?

This resort is famous for its diverse cultural life.

Beach lovers prefer to travel to the suburbs, so as urban beaches are not too comfortable: it is located in Thessaloniki a large port, because of which the water off the coast is rather muddy. But just an hour from the city you can comfortably sunbathe and swim.

From June 15, the summer sales season begins here. He lasts about two weeks.

Also often trade fairs are held in Thessaloniki.

Here, as in other Greek resorts, excellent conditions for diving The sea is calm, and flora and fauna are striking in their beauty. The resort has several diving centers offering everything wishing to admire the coral reefs and underwater caves.

Santorini in June

The archipelago of the islands of Santorini was formed as a result of a powerful volcanic eruption. His unique landscapes are worth it. take a look. On the islands, as well as throughout Greece, in June hot and sunny. This is a great place to get even bronze tan

Weather in Santorini in June 2019
Daytime temperature Night temperature Water temperature
26-28 ° C 22-30 ° C 22-24 ° C

What to see?

Popular attractions include:

  • Akrotiri – excavations at the site of the Bronze Age settlement;
  • Nea Kameni – a desert island with a volcano and geothermal the source;
  • Wine Museum Kutsoyannopoulos.
  • Thirasia is one of the three islands formed around 1627. BC er as a result of the explosion of Santorini volcano.

Greece Santorini Akrotiri

Greece Santorini Nea Kameni

Museum of wine Kutsoyannopulos

Santorini Thirasia

Santorini Black Beach

Things to do?

Anyone who decides to visit the island, of course, should go. on an excursion to the local volcano. Now he is safe and asleep, however Tourists often notice that it is still smoking.

Also on the island there are hot springs, which do not come just look – bathing in them is usually included in the excursion the program.

The real pearl of Santorini – beaches with silver-black volcanic sand. Unforgettable and amazing sight Vacation photos are guaranteed!

In Santorini, paying tribute to tradition, everyone is offered ride on donkeys. After all, once this was the main means of transportation around the island.

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Where better to relax in Greece with a child?

Greece is one of the most developed countries in terms of tourism. All year round, families from all over the world come here to relax. Beautiful nature, beaches, developed infrastructure and comfortable hotels – all this attracts tourists with children.

For children, almost every Greek resort has its own joys, and in Most hotels have children’s rooms, a children’s menu and a team. animators.

Best with the children go to the islands:

  • Crete;
  • Zakynthos;

Greece with children

Crete will be comfortable with any children ages since this island has a lot to offer entertainment: beaches, great hotels, water parks, boat trips and much more.

On the island of Zakynthos can not only sunbathe on beach, but also swim in the sea along with sea turtles caretta caretta. Children will be delighted! Also here you can walk in the local National Park, visit the zoo and go to sea ​​cruise to the neighboring small islands.

On the mainland of Greece the best places will be:

  • Chalkidiki;
  • Peloponnese;
  • Platamonas.

The peninsula of Halkidiki especially attracts tourists with small children, as the sea in this area shallow, and the territory itself is immersed in greenery. The beaches here are clean the infrastructure is quite developed, and the resorts of Sithonia and Cassandra offer many excursion programs.

Peloponnese is famous for its wide white beaches and lots of sightseeing tours ancient era.

The town of Platamonas is an ideal place for relaxing family vacation. It is a quiet and peaceful place with beautiful beaches on the Aegean Sea.

What you need to know, going to Greece in the summer?

Want to spend a vacation in Greece?

Choose a convenient way to travel and find out a few tourist nuances.

Prices for holidays in Greece in June 2019

Prices for tours to Greece, even in high season, remain relatively low. Therefore, the flow of tourists who want to spend on local summer holiday resorts are huge. So, going to Greece as You can book a room earlier or pay for the tour.

If you do not plan your vacation in Greece in June in advance, you may just not enough space.

Prices for tours to Greece in June 2019
Tour price for two (7 nights) Return ticket price Hotel price (1 night) Price of apartments

From 50 000 rub.

About 15,000 rubles. per person from 1 000 rub. for a double room from 1 000 rub. per room

What you need to pay attention, going to Greece?

  • If in Greece you bought any fur product – Be sure to save your check. You will need to submit it to customs.
  • The transport system of Greece is very developed: you will even find ground metro.
  • Almost the most popular form of transport in Greece is ferries. Major cities are interconnected by a network of ferry routes.
  • In Greece, it is difficult to find a place where the network would not be “handed out” Wi-Fi.
  • Instead of “stars”, Greek hotels are given letter letters. designations: A, B and C. “Five-star” is called separately: “deluxe”.

For information on where else you can relax in June 2019, read this article.

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