Weather in Greece in April 2020

Weather in Greece in April 2020

The long-awaited vacation fell in April? And this is not April Fools joke from the authorities?

Do not worry, we have a way out for you. Feel free to collect things and go to Greece! Believe me, here at this time is on what to see.

You will learn:

  • Features of the weather in April in Greece, the temperature of the water and air;
  • the best resorts for April holidays;
  • the pros and cons of rest at this particular time;
  • what you need to know, going to the Greek resorts in April 2020;

The content of the article

  1. April weather in Greek resorts
  2. Greece in April: where better to relax?
    1. Crete in April
    2. Rhodes in April
    3. Thessaloniki in April
    4. Kos in April
    5. Where to go in Greece for holidays with children?
  3. What you need to know, going on vacation in Greece in the middle spring?
    1. Prices for holidays in Greece in April 2020

April weather in Greek resorts

Weather in Greece in April 2020
Happy, ° C At night, ° C Water temperature, ° C
Athens +20 +9 +17
Rhodes +20 +12 +18
Thessaloniki +19 +8 +16
Kos +21 +12 +17
Heraklion +19 +13 +17
Chalkidiki +19 +7
Crete +18 +13 +18

April is the beginning of two seasons.

  • The first season is velvet. Weather conditions in the country at this time can be described as moderately warm air temperature, the water is heated enough for short bathing. Everything reminds of the coming summer, the country is literally flourishing – parks and gardens are buried in greenery.
  • The second season is a budget, because the cost of rest in Greece at this time is low. In addition, in April is not a lot of tourists, so you can avoid queuing in various entertainment centers and when viewed attractions.

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Greece in April: where better to relax?

Greece in April - Botanical Garden

As you can see from the table, the weather here is really warm.

Both on the continent, and on the main islands – Crete and Rhodes – it is from the middle of spring that long-awaited warming after the winter months.

In addition, a sharp decrease in precipitation is observed in April compared to the period December-March.

The only thing that may not be warm enough yet is water in the sea – it is, as in March – only 16-18 degrees Celsius.

In more detail we will tell about weather on four popular Greek resorts.

Crete in April

Such typical for the period November-March winds on the island of Crete rapidly disappear in the middle of spring. Month practically calm, because of this wet clouds do not come to the island and, as consequence, precipitation is only 20 millimeters, mainly in the first half of the month.

The dry season starts very soon. Cooling becomes extremely rare, the island begins flowering plants.

Crete Weather April 2020
Happy, ° C At night, ° C Water temperature, ° C
+18 +13 +18

Things to do?

Weather in Crete in April - Heraklion Archaeological MuseumArchaeological Heraklion Museum

Crete, graveyard of anchorsAnchor Cemetery

Crete, Elephant CaveElephant Cave

Crete is interesting at any time of the year. In April, when the weather is still changeable, you can always visit the Archaeological Heraklion Museum is one of the largest in Greece and the best in the world. The museum is dedicated to Minoan art.

And diving enthusiasts will find amazing places here. dives Here come both beginner divers and professionals. The first explore the marine surroundings on a small depth, the second exploring wrecks.

It is in Crete (the district of Paromno) is “the cemetery anchors “. And in the vicinity of Skinaria, divers will appreciate stunning sea canyons. Attracts divers bright stalactites and the Elephant Cave (Chania district).

Rhodes in April

The weather on this island is not much different from the weather in Crete. Cold winds almost cease to blow, and they are replaced by warming Lack of wind generates and lack of rain, in this month they fall about 25 millimeters.

Weather in Rhodes in April 2020
Happy, ° C At night, ° C Water temperature, ° C
+20 +12 +18

As you can see, the temperature values ​​are no different from the temperatures Cretan. The number of sunny hours increases and tourists There is a good opportunity to sunbathe in the sun. But swim while only “walruses” can, because the water temperature is still low – 18 degrees.

In late April, the water temperature in Rhodes will reach 19 degrees heat

April is the last month before the start of the high season. Already with May, the weather will be hot, the sea is warm, and the flow of tourists will increase at times.

If you are among the people who love the relative coolness air and invigorating sea, April is the best time for your trip to Rhodes Island! ”

It is already safe to say that the real one came here. Spring. Nature triumphs, smells sweet, and sings with different voices. Every centimeter of the earth literally blossoms, so arm cameras and go for great shots.

Things to do?

Weather in Rhodes - Rhodes AquariumAquarium Rhodes

Rhodes, Butterfly ValleyButterfly Valley

Rhodes, Rhodes FortressRhodes fortress

Rhodes, Central Squarecentral square

Greeks, so loving all living and beautiful, put in front of their houses, small pots with flowering plants, planted small trees. Hedges from plants – also their “chip”.

April in Rhodes is ideal for cultural recreation.

If the weather is fine, be sure to go to journey through the streets of the capital of the island, the city of the same name Rhodes.

In the mentioned capital do not forget to visit the longest fortress in Europe – Rhodes List monuments of UNESCO. The fortress was built in the Middle Ages. knights-hospitallers and, according to historians, in the XV century was considered most impregnable of the Christian fortresses.

On a sunny day, go to the Valley butterflies – a unique natural reserve located in 30 kilometers from the capital of Rhodes. It is here in the spring with all Greece flock butterflies of the family of bears.

Thessaloniki in April

The April weather in this city is known for its unpredictability. Plants, so actively blossoming at this time, at any time can be destroyed by sudden hail, flooded rained down or crushed by the wind.

Often the middle of the month is characterized by prolonged rains. (lasting a week or more).

Choose classes in this city “according to the weather”: if outside rain, walk indoors, if the weather is sunny – boldly go for a walk around the city !.

By the end of April, the weather in Thessaloniki is radically different from weather conditions in early April, the temperature is rising rapidly and reaches 27 degrees of heat.

Weather in Thessaloniki in April 2020
Happy, ° C At night, ° C Water temperature, ° C
+19 +8 +16

Things to do?

Weather in Thessaloniki in April - Archaeological MuseumArchaeological the museum

Thessaloniki, Nona Vogue ClubNono Vogue Club

Thessaloniki, Modiano MarketModiano Market

Thessaloniki, Magic park Magic Park

Take a tour to the Archaeological Museum cities. The museum area is about 8 thousand meters, and The age of the museum artifacts is more than two thousand years.

Be sure to visit the Modiano market. Market is one of the most famous marketplaces in Europe. is he located in the heart of the city, and it is here that you can feel real “taste” of Thessaloniki.

In the evenings, musicians play on the market, street singers sing. how tourists usually stay pleasantly impressed after visiting Modiano.

Well, for lovers of club music, always welcomes open The most famous night club of Greece – the club Vogue.

Kos in April

The weather here is still cool, but nonetheless comfortable enough for a holiday.

In April, a temperature jump is observed on the island of Kos. thermometer reaches +21 degrees. Warm daytime begins to attract tourists; nights also become warm (up to +17 degrees).

In this spring, the sea is still quite cool, but for lovers of marine “freshness” just right.

There can be short (up to 7 days) rain on the Spit, therefore an umbrella on vacation will never be over.

It is worth noting that in April on the Spit, as in all of Greece, flowering season begins.

Weather on the island of Kos in April 2020
Happy, ° C At night, ° C Water temperature, ° C
+21 +12 +17

Kos Island in April is ideal for wandering lovers, lovers of the same soak up the beach under the scorching rays of the sun here better to come later.

Things to do?

Weather on the island of Kos - seaportSea port

Kos, Hippocrates MuseumHippocrates Museum

Kos, Peacock GrovePeacock grove

Kos, tour on mini-locomotivesExcursion to mini locomotives

The cosmopolitan gets that famous flowering look, pictured on postcards about greece. Tourists gladly go to a trip to this colorful and charming place.

Before the beach season begins, you can pamper yourself with a walk. on the seaport. Since April, the port works in tourist mode, so you can take a trip to Athens or to Turkish Bodrum. The latter, by the way, is only four kilometers from the island of Kos.

It is always interesting to wander through the Hippocratic Museum. It is the island of Kos that is the birthplace of this great ancient Greek healer and philosopher.

Well, and any tourist will definitely be remembered for visiting the famous Peacock Grove. This is a unique natural place, in where you can communicate with bright and beautiful peacocks. Peacock Grove will be an unusual place for walks and photo shoots.

Where to go in Greece for holidays with children?

Doubt whether to take children with you for April holidays in children?

Definitely take it!

For children, Greece has prepared many pleasant surprises, here children of any age will find fun.

  • Crete boasts a huge park “Labyrinth”, the length of the tracks is more than 1 kilometer. Also on the island there is an aquapark “Aquaplus”, located on its the territory of more than 20 water rides. A little lovers nature will love the Botanical Garden, the area which is about 20 hectares.
  • Rhodes attracts little travelers with its famous Street knights, so subtly transmitting the spirit of antiquity. Lovers of exotic like on an ostrich farm, and those who can’t imagine themselves without water entertainment is definitely worth a visit to the Rhodes Aquarium. The latter, by the way, consists of 25 pools with large the maze.
  • Thessaloniki will offer the attention of a little traveler entertainment in the water park “Waterland” or the game center “SP Gaming Net Station and Coffee Spot “. Well, and capture the children’s imagination game park “Magic Park”.
  • On the Spit you can book a tour of the island on the mini-locomotives. or ride with the wind on the kart.

What you need to know, going on vacation in Greece in the middle spring?

What to look for, going to the Greek resorts in this time.

  • Remember, the weather in April is still not hot, so be sure to take appropriate clothing.
  • An umbrella will be useful on vacation.
  • But the sun is quite bright, so without sunscreen cosmetics can not do.
  • A sudden change in the native climate may lead to a cold, therefore, it is imperative to go on holiday with your first-aid kit.

According to religious calendars, it falls on April Great Christian holiday Easter. Course center celebration become Athens, but large-scale mass celebrations take place and in other cities in Greece. The sea of ​​positive emotions from what he saw festivities you guaranteed!

Prices for holidays in Greece in April 2020

Prices for tours to Greece in April 2020
Number of stars in the hotel (hotel) Tour price for two
7 days 10 days
Crete 3 * from 64000 rub. from 75 000 rub.
Rhodes 3 * from 68 000 rub. from 80 000 rub.
Thessaloniki 3 * from 50000 rub. from 60 000 rub.
Kos 3 * from 45 500 rub. from 52 000 rub.
The price of independent recreation in Greece in April 2020
Resort Air ticket price (one way) Price of hotel room (night) Apartment rental price (per day)
Crete from 6000 rub. from 1300 rub. from 1350 rub.
Rhodes with the first transfer from 11 000 rub. from 1300 rub. from 850 rub.
Thessaloniki from 8000 rub. from 2800 rub. from 1200 rub.
Kos with the 1st transfer from 5 300 rub. from 1900 rub. from 1200 rub.
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