Visas to Greece are issued to tourists from Russia without delays


Выдача греческих виз российским туристам осуществляетсяwithout delay, the deputy minister’s office said in a statement foreign affairs.

In three Greek consulates in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk) visas are issued in the usual okay, today there were no cancellations travel due to late issuance of a visa, at least blame the consulate staff, it is said in the statement deputy foreign minister. In connection with the corresponding the department’s statement to the PASOK tourist agency noted that current demand and size of staff consular offices in St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk visas are issued for 24 or 48 hours.

In Moscow, since the number of applications for visa requirements above has been ordered to treat requests in order queues for 3-5 days so that travels are unstuck. In addition, it is reported that in Moscow, according to the above the plan, the number of employees on May 6 was increased for 10 people, aw for next week will be taken 20 more employees make it possible to increase season requests. TO By the end of May, it is emphasized that further staff growth of another 30 employees to reduce the period visa issuance, as in Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg.

“Distributed by various sources of vague approval of group travel abuses, delegations so further, who did not receive the visa in a timely manner, just unconfirmed by facts and daily reports heads of consular offices “, – noted in a statement. Also underlined: consulates persist worked the day of the night to not tear one trips do not undermine the country’s reputation and national the economy.

The report notes that the new VIS system for issuing entry visa in love izstran Schengen zone requires personal presence of the person concerned in the trip Visa Center Application (Visa Center Application, VAC) for filing applications with the delivery of biometric data that is then compared with security considerations national and european databases. Thanks new procedures the system is extremely safe but more challenging in managing.

A further statement states that, although obligatory implementation of the system was known at least since 2013 years, it is the current government by the ministry Foreign Affairs has developed a plan to support the consular authorities in all countries, mainly in Russia, where A significant number of tourists are expected. The plan included the provision consular bodies of new equipment, additional staff long-term improvement of the software used Providing the goal of early processing of applications. Planned measures are reportedly being implemented without delays; within 120 days to improve the visa centers consular offices more was done than in previous years.

In response, publishing with photographs kakturisty are forced to wait in front to file The statement of the two-way centers (VAC) of Moscow is noted, that this phenomenon was observed only one day when managers VAC invited citizens to submit applications without prior notice. records From that day on by consulate general Moscow, the order of appointment is strictly observed pre-recording, on-time sudden checks of both visa centers indiscriminate turnout was not recorded.

Finally, the statement says one correct announcement of visa center staff in accordance with “The minimum visa issuance period is 10 days”: “A true statement that complies with the regulations applicable to all Schengen countries, sounds different. Visa is issued consular authority, if there are no defects, within 10 days. Invalid ad has been posted. on the VAC website on a bilateral basis disagreement of our consular representation in Moscow. Upon request, it was immediately replaced with the correct one. information “.

Source: ANA-MPA / Evangelos Buyotis

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