Varieties of soft drinks Thailand

It’s hot in Thailand. Is always. This is trite. Same as aspiration human cool by taking liquid inside. Do it with the same pleasure not only visiting tourists, but also local the inhabitants. Of course, this is not about “fire water” that quenches thirst. another kind. Natural conditions of the country in which hundreds grow types of exotic fruits make cooking options delicious cooling mixes are almost limitless. You can not try all kinds of non-alcoholic drinks of Thailand, even if you set such a task, something that you still miss. If you like what stronger, we recommend to read the article, reflecting all possible quality thai alcohol.

Water and soda

Water in Thailand – the basis of everything, however, as everywhere. Given the characteristics of the Thai climate and the diversity of micro and macroorganisms that are simply infested in the open waters of Thailand, and also questionable tap water filtration, do not try drink tap water. Buy bottled, which is in any Thai supermarket. Read more about all the nuances in The article “Quality of drinking water in Thailand”.

The globalization horror story is not only bad. AT kiosks, shops and cafes of Thailand you can find a familiar set soda that you use, for example, in Ryazan. Is the same Mirinda, Seven Up and the classics of the genre – Coca Cola or Pepsi. Even the container is no different – plastic bottles up to two liters or banks of 0.33? only present more diverse and unusual tastes that are not so easy to meet us.

Drinks of Thailand

All of these American-born brands are produced in Thailand itself, so they are relatively inexpensive if you don’t you will buy them in special places, for example, in strip bars of the format Go-Go (see Go-Go bars on Samui), where the price is raised several times. In the roadside Thai cafe “Mirinda” cafe will cost you a maximum of 15 baht, and the two-liter “Cola” – 40 or a bit more expensive.

Fruit mixes and fresh juices

Juices in Thailand, as another kind of favorite drinks are very common. And this is not surprising – fruit (by the way, do you know how to get fruit out of Thailand correctly?), for which they chase in Moscow, they often just fall on their heads. AT cafes and restaurants serve both freshly squeezed natural and different mixtures of one with another, the taste of which may be that called for an amateur. We advise you to look at Noni juice and its useful properties.

Juices and necks of Thailand

Especially popular in Thailand are the so-called necks – whipped juice with pulp, served with ice. If you are scared try something you have never heard of, you can focus on a very familiar product – watermelon. Worth the shake of This berry is inexpensive as a two-liter “cola”, but its sure need to try. Serve it with a long disposable spoon, which You can scoop deliciously cool, sweetish flesh. Necks – This is one of the main drinks at the mega-party Full Moon Party, held monthly on the island of Phangan.

Juices and necks of Thailand

You can also try the taste of durian fruit in the form freshly squeezed juice, usually sold in plastic cups and bottles in 1 liter. Only keep a bucket nearby, because they say that it has an odor and the opposite heavenly taste!

Juice from durian in Thailand

Fresh juices in Thailand are cheap. It is not surprising their squeezed right in front of you, often removing fruit right from tree. One has only to remember that the national Thailand drinks may have a somewhat unusual taste. The whole thing in taste preferences. The whole world goes crazy with love Russians vobla with beer, but the Thais do not miss. They strive to add in any juice a little salt. So try to have time to say seller: “Without salt”, – even before he puts Before you is a glass of juice.

Coconut drink in Thailand

Be sure to try in Thailand coconut milk. Just not in a glass, but straight out of a green nut, in which it is on your eyes will make a hole and insert a tube into it. It is a pleasure 50 baht But you still need to get a green nut from a palm tree! Taste coconut peculiar and to the amateur.

And surely you can try only in Thailand, so this juice from sugarcane. Squeeze it out of the stems right before your eyes. You may not be surprised that elephants eat them nearby. Drink and enjoy! Just do not use more glass. Juice is very calorie

Tea coffee

For Europeans, tea and coffee in Thailand is cultural shock. If to cold green tea in bottles we more or less used, then in Thailand you will have to face also with bottled black coffee. Hot tea or coffee can be get only in those hotels where breakfast is included in the price accommodation. Even in restaurants to order hot coffee or tea you Surely bring an empty cup and a bag of Lipton. Conclusion – in this The country is more popular cold tea than hot. Read more about all kinds of tea in Thailand in general and about useful properties of particular blue teas, we advise you to read in selected materials.

Tea in Thailand

Power engineers

For those who first came to this country, it may seem that Thailand’s energy drinks are not only soft drink, and something distributed among the population without fail. For cheerfulness and positive attitude subjects, so to speak. So many of them.

Immediately it is worth noting that in the Thai energy industry does not drops of alcohol. The usual set of cheerfulness: taurine, caffeine, sugar, that or a different set of vitamins. Energy in Thailand sold in small packages – 100 and 150 ml. Literally on every step and at a price of 10 baht. Most frequently used – Carabao Daeng, M-150, Red Bull. By the way, the same Thai Red Bull’s energy boost is much better and tastier Russian.

Energy Drinks of Thailand

If you want to join the elite energy sector, then try Lipovitan D. It costs 12 Baht. It has more vitamins, as well as simply “downhole” dose of taurine: its concentration 2.5 times higher than in “budget” drinks. Those who have heart problems or hypertension, this mixture is best avoided by the side.

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