Useful properties of Noni juice from Thailand

From all that you can bring from Thailand, there is one product, which is the most controversial and ambiguous. This is juice Noni, which is, according to local beliefs, healing, almost Thai a panacea. You can buy it in the shops of Thais during excursions or even in Thai pharmacies (for example, Pattaya pharmacies). Usually A half-liter bottle of juice costs between 2.5 and 3 thousand baht. Just before how to lay out the baty for a miraculous elixir is worth having at least a small idea of ​​what it is and what useful properties (in general about the juices and drinks of Thailand you can почитать в отдельной статье).The fruits of the Noni tree in Thailand

Плод дерева Нони

Let’s find out first about how this juice is obtained. Are mined its from the fruit of the Noni tree – very common in the Southeast Asia evergreen tree. These fruits look like our potatoes, they taste bitter, and smell even worse. Thais without these the gifts of nature do not imagine life and consume them everywhere – and in food, and as a medicine, and as a cosmetic.

Thai Medicine uses all parts of the Noni tree: roots like base for making antipyretic or laxatives, and leaves – as a painkiller, tonic and in the form of compresses on cuts, abrasions and burns.

In food Noni juice in Thailand is used for improve digestion, and chopped fruits – as a kind of seasoning for spicy salads. But this is the most common uses are because the Thai mistress can add it to any dish.

Thais are absolutely sure that Noni juice is beautiful prophylactic from all illnesses in the world, including cancer, diabetes, vascular and heart disease, senile dementia. In their opinion, he is at least able to strengthen organism, improve the condition of nails, hair and skin. Residents of Thailand drink it to strengthen the nervous system, improve sleep, raise moods. They also treat them for any infectious diseases, smeared with juice wounds, cuts and burns.

Noni juice from Thailand

Reviews of Noni juice from Thailand even more contradictory than what the Thais say about him. Part Internet users believe that the magic drug and talk about its miraculous properties are a continuous deception and cheating, enrichment tool of large network companies. Others claim that their health has really improved, they began to sleep better, and the general body tone became much it is better.

No serious research on the properties of Noni juice was carried out, but scientists did not remain completely indifferent to the study this elixir. They found that the alkaloids contained in different parts of the plant are strong antioxidants, capable of dull the pain. Man who drinks this plants can really feel temporary relief. In any case, scientists have not found anything in this oriental drug. poisonous or narcotic. Should I buy it as Thai souvenir – it’s up to you. In the night market in Pattaya you you can buy not only the juice, but also the roots and the leaves of the plant Noni

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