UNESCO organizes a series of events in honor of the Year Aristotle

In 2016, the 2400th anniversary of the birth famous Greek philosopher Aristotle. And on the proposal Greek National Committee this year was declared a UNESCO Year of Aristotle.


UNESCO organizes a series of events in honor of the Year of AristotleSentence unanimously adopted at the 38th General Assembly of the organization in November last year in Paris.

With the support of the Ministry of Education of Greece in the country and other States will host a series of special events. Assistant Minister Education Kostas Pelegrinis in a recent statement stressed the importance of the Year of Aristotle for maintaining a high level of culture for greece.

One of the central places in the program is occupied by the World congress It will be held May 23-28 at the University of Aristotle in Thessaloniki. Outstanding scientists and philosophers will take part in it. modernity. July 10-15 will be a congress in Athens. And on 17-19 October 10, in Moscow, an International conference dedicated to the heritage of Aristotle.

Additional events will be held in ancient Stagira, in the homeland of the philosopher, and in Miez, where Aristotle worked as Mentor Alexander of Macedon. But the main events in honor of the Year Aristotle is expected to be held in Paris in November at the same time. with the holding of the Day of Philosophy.

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