UK tourists choose Greece


Несмотря на кризис и многочисленные заявления СМИ, чтоGreece’s tourism industry is not experiencing the best of times this year’s statistics Global Travel Group (UK) shows a completely opposite picture: the number of bookings increased by 40% over the same period last of the year.

According to specialists of the company, the most popular Rhodes, Crete and Corfu became tourist destinations in Greece. Behind The past two weeks have doubled the number of sales. tours, and the average price of bookings has increased by more than £ 300.

“It’s nice to see that despite all the difficulties in Greek economy, British tourists continue to buy tours to Greece “, – said Global Travel Group Managing Director Andy Stark

“I recommend to everyone who is going to spend holidays in Greece, always be aware of the latest events and provide yourself with the necessary the amount of cash. But I am convinced that holidays in Greece are all parties have a great idea, “added Mr Stark.

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