Two historic hotels in Greece – among the best in Europe


Два греческих отеля выиграли звание лучших исторических отелейEurope in the luxury category. They managed to get around more than 500 competitors and enter the top ten winners. Ceremony Historic Hotels of Europe is held for the fourth time in France.

Guests voted for their favorite hotels in ten categories. When choosing, it was necessary to evaluate whether the atmosphere was well established. romance, do you really feel part of stories, as well as an opinion about spa treatments, level service, quality of service and nutrition.

As a result, the first winner was the luxury hotel Marpessa Smart in Agrinion. It is located in a historic mansion. 1920 The second Greek winner was Aigialos Luxury Traditional Settlement in Santorini. sixteen restored neoclassical houses were originally property of famous captains. The hotel charmed guests views of the blue sea and the volcano.

Representatives of the hotels called high awards confirmation success of their work. Historic hotels try to think about the comfort of guests, while preserving cultural heritage. Each of They are inextricably linked with the history of Greece.

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