Trips from Crete to Santorini


On Крите, конечно, немало интересного. But one of the advantages when visiting this island – the ability to quickly get to fabulous santorini. And tourists do not miss this chance by signing up. on organized tours or thinking through your plan independent travel. What excursions are possible on Santorini, if you are traveling to an island from Crete?

The most popular trip to Santorini from Crete – day trips as a group. Such tours should be considered for those who want to get acquainted with island in general, see the main places worthy attention, and at the same time not to waste time on independent planning. And you can choose as a tour with the movement to ferry, and with air travel. The first option is the most affordable, although more time consuming. Standard program for all Companies and tour operators are very similar. Santorini guests attend the city of Oia, take a walk around Fira, get the opportunity to see Caldera and the excavation of Akrotiri. All this is a necessary minimum. which is worth doing on Santorini.

Tourists are unanimous: one day in Santorini you will not see and half its beauties. A visit to the island without seeing him famous sunsets are unthinkable. For such tourists there is another option is a two-day excursion. Standard program diluted climbing a volcano, visiting not one, but several beaches with unusual sand, watching the sunsets from the profitable points and, which is also important, a large number of free hours During this time, you can visit the vineyards of Santorini, to take away wine from the island as a souvenir.

The cost of such group excursions varies – depends on the organizing company and the saturation of the program. In local agencies day trip is quite possible to buy for 120 euros. Have tour operators average price – 150 euros for a two-day tour – 200-250 euros.

average price of santoriniphoto:

But the imagination of tour operators and local companies is not limited standard sightseeing tours. If you walk through agencies on Crete, you can find themed tours. For example, “Guided Tour Wineries “is an opportunity to get acquainted with wine traditions of Santorini, and they are very island rich. The tour “Beaches of Santorini” will appeal to those who are few beaches in Crete. During the day you can sunbathe on the Red Beach and swim off the coast with black sand.

Excursion “Temples of Santorini” also found its audience and made The island is a place for religious pilgrimage. Among the many The shrines of Santorini are the churches of Ayu Mina and St. Sozonta, Panagia Episkopi, the monastery of Elijah the Prophet, other catholic and Orthodox churches. The only drawback of the excursions, offered by local companies in Crete – many are held at English language.

In order not to adapt to someone else’s schedule, you can organize self-guided tour – it will be great experience for any traveler. First, you need to decide what port in Crete is convenient for you to get to Santorini. Most A convenient option is from Heraklion, from where ships depart daily. When choosing the ports of Sitia, Ayios Nikolaos or Rethymnon, you need to remember that of them ferries run no more than 2 times a week. With booking, you can choose a high-speed catamaran, and steam. Tickets are better to buy on On average sea voyage to Santorini from Crete will cost 80 euros (round trip).

In Santorini, the ferry will stop at the port of Athinios. Right here All excursions begin and there are many hotels. With If you want, you can buy a tour in one of them, in any agency or continue the independent organization of your schedule. By Santorini can travel by bus. Ticket – about 2 euros. Наthe island is easy to get an excursion to Akrotiri without guide assistance. For 5 euros a tourist gets access to exciting excavation of the ancient city. And for visiting the famous beaches and watching sunsets in Oia do not have to pay at all.

An independent trip for 1-2 days in Santorini can do. more expensive than a guided tour. Have to spend money on transfer, because the main cities of the island are separated from each other. You can also consider the option when a tourist in Santorini meet a private guide, the cost of which already includes transfer and taking care of drawing up the excursion program. Guides offer a visit to a Greek wedding, gastronomic excursions, swimming in hot springs and walking. Prices – from 30 euros.

For someone Santorini is a lifelong dream, and for tourists, Having a rest on Crete, it already becomes a reality. To see blue and white island, no need to save money and wait too long: Affordable excursions from Crete allow for a short time. see all the main places of Santorini and if you want to plunge into his cooking, wine history or the distant past.


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