Tours to Crete from St. Petersburg. What could be simpler?


Остров Крит по праву можно считать туристической Меккой Greece This is the Greek island chosen by many of our compatriots. as a place for your vacation. From different cities of Russia direct flights to the airport of Heraklion “Nikos” Kazantzakis “. Including from St. Petersburg.

Having bought a ticket to Crete, the tourists of the northern capital from the airport “Pulkovo” depart in a four-hour flight to the main resort Греции.

Why is Cretan rest so popular?

First, affordable prices. Often, in pursuit of a client, travel agencies make great discounts on tours to Crete from St. Petersburg. Profitable buy on special offers, for example, on “early booking “where discounts can reach up to 30% -40%.

Secondly, the vouchers for this resort in St. Petersburg does not sell only lazy. In any area of ​​the city you can easily buy a “week Mediterranean holiday “at the most attractive prices. Of course such regional firms are only intermediaries and, to protect yourself and your vacation from various troubles, we We recommend to purchase package tours only in verified agencies and tour operators, for example, in Mouzenidis Travel or in Tez Tour.

Beach season in Crete

Thirdly, the hotel’s infrastructure on the island is so developed it is good that even with a minimum budget there are chances to find a good one 2 * -3 * hotel near the sea. Naturally, tourists accustomed to a certain level, will find hotels with the highest European standards of service and maintenance.

Crete hotels 5 stars all inclusive first line: Daisos Cove, Capsis Elite, Aquila Elounda Village Resort & Spa, Creta Maris Beach Resort, Grecotel Club Marine Palace. Can be long yet to list. Consult travel agents and choose by soul! And do not forget to read the real reviews of tourists. to help you.

Fourth, the sea! Beach holidays in Crete – this is now paradisaic delight. And there is no need to prove anything and narrate! Sea, sun, beach, mountain landscape, clean air – The main ingredients are terrific holidays.

Tours to Crete from St. Petersburg. What could be easier?

Fifth, an extensive cultural and historical program. Let’s start with the fact that according to legend Crete is the birthplace of Zeus. Even preserved the cave where the most powerful god of ancient greek was born people. Of course, you will not find Zeus in it, but how natural and historical object Dikteyskaya cave is recommended for visits By the way, a comfortable time to visit is the end. spring, when there is no sweltering heat. Therefore, a tour to Crete in May 2017 is an excellent choice for those who want to combine the beach rest with viewing of historical sights.

Choose a guided tour on the island is not difficult. Your hotel guide with pleasure will tell you where and what to visit. Especially carefully you need to consult the tourists with children. Not every child will survive a long excursion in the Greek heat waves. Be careful!

Sixth, cooking. Seventh, entertainment. Eighth, car for rent. Ninth, visit Santorini. Tenth … well, you understand that you can list endlessly.

Tours to Crete from St. Petersburg – this is a great opportunity. charge positive energy for a whole year!

Have a rest in Greece!

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