Tourist returned the stolen stones from the Acropolis to mail

08.03.2018Facebook Photo Greta KamaterosФото Facebook Greta Kamateros

Greta Kamateros, Director of the Greek Tourism Organization in New York, received a package with four Athenian stones Acropolis.

The sender of the letter, who wished to remain anonymous, wrote: “Sorry, I took these stones on the Greek Acropolis many years ago. Please return them. ”

Greta will send the stones to the consulate of Greece, whose staff will take care of their return to their historic homeland – Acropolis.

According to Greek law for stealing stones from the Acropolis punishment of 3 to 5 years in prison conclusions because the whole area is considered a historical heritage.

Greece has strict laws that protect hundreds of ancient places

It is illegal to own, buy, sell or search historical artifacts without coordination with the authorities. Objects which are accidentally discovered must be transferred to the appropriate government agencies.

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