Top ten most popular Thai dishes the kitchen!

In order to get hooked on Thai food, you may need to sheer trifle: just one or two times to taste dishes seasoned galangal, cardamom, lemongrass, coconut milk and pepper Chile. Their taste and smell so strongly affect the brain center. pleasures that desire to appease the receptors of the tongue and nose again something like this will periodically arise against the will. Thai dishes will also taste deeply rooted. meat eaters and vegetarians, because almost every one of them exists double. According to one of the recipes, the list of ingredients may include pork, chicken, seafood, in a different way – only the components vegetable origin. Many Thai dishes can be try at an attractive price in mobile carts, called makashnitsami.1

Tom Yum (Tom Yum Gung)

Thai Food - Tom Yum (Tom Yum Gung)

Tom’s most famous and popular Thai dish Yam, to whose name the epithet “sour” is usually added, although it at the same time sweet and salty, and, traditionally, very spicy. is he very thick, they put almost everything in the house into it. AT coastal areas, such as shrimp, and in villages in the north – mushrooms Mandatory ingredients are tomatoes, lime leaves, kalgan The basis of the soup Tom Yam is coconut milk, in the “basic” An option to its name is added to “Nam Sai”. But if the recipe coconut cream is also included (something similar to our cream), then “We Kon”. This soup is more calorie, and the acidity in it is less expressed.


Kung Som (Gang Som)

Thai food - Kung Som (Gang Som)

The second most popular Thai dish Kung Som At its core – a light vegetable soup, prepared on meat broth. Taste is traditional for Thailand – combines sour, sweet and spicy. Main ingredients: stewed cabbage, carrots, green bean. There is a recipe for adding omelet to this soup. and acacia leaves. Then add to the name “Cha Om Kai”. This soup Served with fresh herbs and the obligatory pod of chili.


Pad Thai

Thai Food - Pad Thai (Pad Thai)

Rice for Thais, like all residents of Southeast Asia, is the basis ration. Therefore, recipes of Thai rice dishes are not reread, Pad Thai is one of the most beloved ones. Rice noodles, pretty large size, which is fried with shrimp, simultaneously adding to her all that there is an edible home. For example: tofu, sprouts beans, green onions … Dish dressed with lemon juice, fish sauce, it is traditionally added pepper. Ready noodles poured an egg. The result is a kind of casserole. Depending on the readiness of the egg, it can be thick semi-liquid or a piece. Lime juice, vinegar, some gourmets are poured over it. add sugar.


Panang Gai

Thai Food - Panang Gai)

Panang Guy is a favorite Thai chicken dish, cooked in red curry sauce and poured with whipped cream coconut milk, which enhances the taste. For stimulate the appetite and suppress the feeling of satiety served with finely crumbled leaves of lemongrass.


Guy Pad Pongali (Gai Pad Pongali)

Thai Food - Guy Pad Pongali (Gai Pad Pongali)

Thai fried eggs called Guy Pad Pongali, which consists of includes chicken, onions and tomatoes. From European, consisting of bacon and tomatoes, different slaughter of spices. Used by yellow curry paste and finely chopped parsley, which Thai scrambled eggs sprinkle profusely. In general, many people eat this dish in the morning, but completely unaware that it is Thai.


Pad Kapao

Thai Food - Pad Kapao (Pad Krapao)

Delicious Thai dish Pad Capao is popular mainly among tourists since meat is Thais’s diet is not very common, and also because each the cook can cook it in his own way. For example, use meat slices or kind of minced meat. The types of spices used also vary. The main ingredients are meat, garlic, basil and pepper. Chile. There are recipes that allow deviations from the canons and use chicken or fish fillets. Prepare it by the technology of “wash fry “- quick frying in hot oil.


Green, Red and Yellow Curry

Thai food - Green, red and yellow curry

The main ingredients of green, yellow and red curry are: green chilli pods, lime leaves, lemongrass, basil, shrimp paste, coconut milk. Depending on the compounding changes color. The hottest and hottest is green curry, a little softer – red, and almost calmly tolerated by Europeans – yellow. The main seasoning for rice.


Kung Massaman

Thai Food - Gang Massaman

Kung Massaman is a Thai sauce that falls out of the hot sweet-sour symphony of tastes. It is sweet, moderately spicy. The basis includes yellow curry with coconut milk, zira, cinnamon, nutmeg nut. Comes from the southern provinces of Thailand, bordering Malaysia and is considered a halal dish. Served with boiled potatoes and meat (beef), poultry, tofu mushrooms.


Keang Wan

Thai Food - Gang Keow Wan

Kaew Van – one of the dishes of national cuisine of Thailand is prepared on based on green curry paste. Additional ingredients are: bamboo shoots, eggplants, basil, kalgan, lemongrass leaves. Served in thick to rice with boiled chicken.


Som Tam (Som Tam)

Thai Food - Som Tam (Som Tam)

The most famous and the same unusual salad of Thailand. First of all, ingredients for it are not cut, but pounded in a mortar. Secondly, into it fermented fish sauce, known throughout Vietnam as Nyok Nam – sharp and odorous, a real test for European stomachs. Used for cooking: chili pepper, garlic, tamarind juice, tomatoes, lime juice, cane paste (sugar), beans, green papaya, crab meat or shrimp.

As you can see, Thailand’s dishes are very appetizing and attractive, but if you decide to taste all the delights of the kitchen Southeast Asia, then pre-evaluate the state of health your stomach and start with small portions. Have a nice appetite!

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