Top 5 Greek Islands for Two


Где лучше устроить волшебную свадьбу, экзотический медовый месяцor just spend an unforgettable vacation together?

Choose the five best Greek islands for lovers.


loving couple on Santorini

Santorini – the perfect place for an unforgettable honey month, and for a memorable for a lifetime wedding. It is considered The most romantic island in Europe. Hotel chain the island is well developed and you can easily book a room with spectacular views of the caldera and neighboring cities. Walking through the narrow streets of Ii and Thera, a glass of the famous Vinsanto, time held on the ruins of an old fortress awaiting the impressive sunset, – all this will create an atmosphere of love and romance.

You can also combine business with pleasure. For example, break rest on three colorful days: red, black and white – the names of the colors of the corresponding beaches. Then go to romantic yacht cruise and take a trip to the crater active volcano.


the rocky shores of Milos

Milos is rightly the island of lovers. Charming landscapes, secluded coves, emerald sea water make Milos real a place of serene relaxation and romance. On the island you can pick up Hotel room with stunning sea views.

Having a rest on Milos, take a boat trip on the sailing ship to the Kleftiko caves and swim on the “moon” beach Sarakiniko. Milos has picturesque old churches in which You can arrange a wedding ceremony.


Ionian Sea in Corfu

The island of Corfu, immersed in lush greenery and surrounded by the purest water is a romantic paradise for couples in love and newlyweds.

A huge variety of excursions and cultural programs will allow You to get acquainted with the multifaceted history of the island. Walking along the cobbled streets of the old town, on Spianada Square and the street Liston will inspire you and give you a romantic mood.


Palace of the Great Masters of Rhodes

The popular island of Rhodes also enjoys special love from lovers couples. Medieval atmosphere, rich historical and cultural heritage combined with natural beauty attract travelers to the Knights Island from around the world.

Together it is pleasant to wander through the streets of old Rhodes, which consider the most preserved medieval city in Europe.

Also do not lose sight of authentic local villages, Valley Butterflies and, of course, numerous beaches.


Romance on Hydra Island

Hydra is the personification of “stylish” romance. Island not so Popular with our compatriots, but proximity to Athens (2 hours on the ferry from the port of Piraeus) makes it quite attractive for rest together.

The most charming place on the island is the city of Hydra with elegant stone mansions and views of the Aegean Sea. Enjoyable in addition to secluded relaxation will be the fact that the island prohibited any movement of cars! During the romantic walk fussy motorists will not disturb you.

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