Top 5 Greek Islands for a relaxing recreation


Один из плюсов Греции как туристического направления – обилиеquiet places where lovers of paralyzed find their paradise recreation. And if for every party-goer there is entertainment on Mykonos, there are also quite a few for peacekeepers. idyllic corners on Milos or Amorgos.


Sea on Milos

The easternmost on the Cyclades, Milos appeared in guidebooks in the early 50s. This is the Greek direction immediately attracted attention with images of colorful villages near the sea, cherry sunsets and immaculate waters. It is still considered that on Milos – the most beautiful beaches in Greece, and the sand of different shades suitable as an additional argument in favor of rest in this picturesque place. Southern is famous for its natural beauty. the coast, where lonely bays and fish taverns are concentrated. It is recommended to pay attention to the beach of Phyriplak – a mixture of rocks, clear water and fine sand. On the north coast also presented a whole series of bays and cozy villages. For example, in Apollonia is worth organizing the perfect romantic dinner. Restaurants on the shore provide for this all the possibilities.


a chapel on the island of Sifnos in Greece

White houses – waves that rise to the tops of the hills – this is the way to describe the village of Apollonia (the namesake of the fact that located on Milos). This place is a lot of tourists find photogenic and suitable just for a relaxing vacation. However, Sifnos, this island of potters, pure architecture and a mixture of styles, entirely suitable for leisurely walks. People come here to admire the beautiful medieval villages. For example, Castro – a village with hotels right in the old buildings. And also Sifnos is suitable for exploring secluded beaches: near Faros village especially their many.


Astypalea Island

Hour flight from Athens – and tourists find themselves in a completely different tourist region. The ancients called Astypaleus land of fire because of unusual color of the soil, and in combination with white domes such feature of the island is of interest to travelers. On the island more beaches than cities. If you walk away from the bay Analipsi, along the coast you can find calm beaches and coves. AT Livadia has family-friendly beaches, equipped with all amenities. And even better – go to the island of Kutsomiti. is he uninhabited and surrounded by turquoise sea. From Analipsi to Cutsomiti go boats. A nice addition to a relaxing holiday. Astypalea are its gastronomic traditions. On the island Saffron is actively used – it is added even to pies. Often The taverns offer lobster with macaroni and local cheeses.


famous beach on Zakynthos

Zakynthos is an island with green valleys, rugged banks and, as result, numerous bays. It combines traditional and quiet life with a tourist atmosphere, and two “faces” of Zakynthos do not conflict with each other. There is a lot of lush here vegetation, attractions and beaches where you can rest in solitude. And you can go to the National Park or the capital with neoclassical buildings. Finally, not to be missed romantic sea voyage across small neighboring islands – Marathon and Peluso.


charming Amorgos

Wild and remote, but charming Amorgos is an island attracting artists, dreamy ladies and travelers, who crave inspiration. Lack of greenery is well compensated the presence of archaeological sites and Byzantine churches – they witnesses of the rich history of Amorgos. To feel the Cycladic the atmosphere, you need to stay in Chora. This is not just the center of the island, but also a city with cozy streets, which by the evening become more more beautiful. In the evening you can sit in some tavern and enjoy the traditional music of island Greece.


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