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Музенидис Трэвел (Mouzenidis Travel) –Russia’s largest tour operator in the Greek direction. Company was founded in 1995 in Greece, its main office is in Thessaloniki. To date, a network of regional offices Mouzenidis Travel covers the largest markets in Eastern Europe: the company’s offices are located in Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries of the region (about 80 in total). Also Operator offices are open at all major Greek resorts and cities: in Athens, in the Peloponnese, Halkidiki, Crete, Rhodes, Thassos, etc. The main tasks that set themselves in Mouzenidis Travel – to achieve maximum quality service and the most attractive price for customers. This is achieved, firstly, thanks to the full accompanying tourist from the purchase of vouchers to returning home, and secondly, due to the large choice of directions: from budget to special offers.

Mouzenidis Travel has a huge advantage over competing is the wide variety offered tourism product. Residents of Russia turn to the operator and for the organization traditional beach and sightseeing holidays, and for such specific trips, like pilgrimages to Greece, tours for furs, for the purchase of real estate and even with questions of obtaining higher education. In addition, the list of services can be found and the organization children’s, recreation, sea cruises, thematic tours (wine-gastronomic, yoga tours, trips to thermal sources, etc.), corporate travel and a variety of VIP offers.

VIP tours to Greece Mouzenidis Travel

Currently, clients of the company have the opportunity to relax on 15 Greek islands (among them Zakynthos, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Santorini and others), as well as in 13 cities of mainland Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Aridea, Volos, Kalamata, Kastoria, Pieria, Ioannina and others). The choice of hotels in Mouzenidis is simply enormous – About 1,5 thousand offers! Here the tourist will really find any option – from modest two-star hotels to luxury villas In addition, the operator’s website has information on existing promotions and bonuses of hotels; here you can also pick up hotels with free accommodation for children.

Features holiday with Mouzenidis Travel

Speaking about the quality of the operator’s work, you should separately stay on air travel and “actual” days of rest. Mouzenidis Travel cooperates with such by air carriers like Aeroflot, ASTRA Airlines, VIM-Avia, SCC Russia, Ellinair, Orenburg Airlines, Ural Airlines and by several others. Flight schedule is constantly adjusted, therefore, when ordering a tour, please note that some of the paid days may simply be “lost” because of too early or late departures. Such situations are standard for all travel agencies, but Payment for “extra” days, unfortunately, is not refundable.

Ellinair - Greek airline

Special bonus that Mouzenidis Travel provides all its customers with a guarantee of not leave. At the stage of registration of documents customers sign an agreement that guarantees full or partial refund for the trip in case of certain circumstances (non-receipt of an entry visa, hospitalization or death customer, his traveling companion or a close relative). Acquainted with details of the contract can be on the website of the company. By the way, the site is designed also excellent: all information is well structured, shared information on the country (history, cuisine, customs, phrase book and much other) and for each resort (with a list of the best hotels), carefully spelled out the terms of insurance of the JSC “VSK”, promotional, bonus programs, etc.

Registration of Schengen visas to Greece Mouzenidis performs subject to the acquisition of a full package of services (flight + accommodation). The cost of visas can be found on the website. operator, you can also check the visa status (by last name or reservation number). When you make a Schengen Mouzenidis Travel also compares favorably with other Russian operators: the process takes a little time and there is an opportunity to get a multivisa on half a year or even a year.

A very important fact that experienced tourists will definitely appreciate. the presence of Mouzenidis own transport. AT buses with capacity from 6 to 83 seats are provided for all necessary for a comfortable trip: air conditioning, comfortable seats, television systems, wi-fi, etc. Many tourists own experience they know that agencies often save on quality transportation, and the situation when getting to the hotel has to old bus without air conditioning – fairly common thing. Another feature of the transfer Mouzenidis: to large buses from different hotels take a separate bus transport, i.e. no need to travel for hours city, taking people from all passing hotels.

Tourists who have already rested in Greece with Mouzenidis Travel, note a special relationship to customers: representatives of travel agencies meet vacationers at the airport, escorted during the transfer and check-in at the hotel. All questions and the requests are very fast and clear, so that customers do not feel abandoned in a foreign country. In addition, work Mouzenidis guides also deserve praise: very rarely can be faced with rudeness, cool attitude or failure to perform their duties. High quality work on The places are simply explained: the main office of the operator and many branches are located in Greece, so control over the work of staff is carried out directly by staff the company.

Mouzenidis Travel buses

About 200 developed for customers of Mouzenidis various excursions in Greece. They can be divided into: acquaintance with the ancient heritage of the country, city tours, sea ​​cruises with visits to several islands, pilgrimages and trips to holy places, shopping tours and entertainment (diving, fishing, water parks, horseback riding, jeep safari, etc.). Cons excursions with Mouzenidis – relatively high prices (tours of local tour operators cost less, but not everywhere there are Russian-speaking guides), pluses are excellent transport (this is especially important for the summer season and long travel by bus) and polite staff. Almost all the drivers speak Russian, and if a breakdown occurs, then the shortest time for tourists arrives another bus the company.

Mouzenidis Travel Tour Operator in Greece

Mouzenidis Travel in practice confirms status of the leading operator in Greece. High quality services thousands of grateful tourists confirm (by the way, according to forecasts, Soon the total number of company customers will reach 1 million year). Mouzenidis specialization exclusively on the Greek direction allows the tour operator to constantly improve their work and for two decades to keep the leading places in the market.

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