To Egypt or to Greece?

18.08.2014To Egypt or to Greece?

Египет и Греция — две страны, завоевавшие любовь российскихtourists. It’s not easy to choose one of them: they are completely different. mentality, quality of rest and even the best time to visit each of these areas has its own. What to choose – go to visit the Pharaohs or the ancient gods?

Flight and tour operators

Egypt and Greece are among the most sought-after destinations. Therefore, offers on the tourist market abound. To Egypt send their tourists Coral, Tui, Sunmar, Natalie, Anex Tour, Pegas, Tez Tour. Regular and charter flights fly from almost all major cities of the Russian Federation.

Greece is represented by Mouzenidis Travel, Natalie Tours, Biblio Globe, Tez Tour, Coral, Beleon, Anex Tour. Now tours this the country is accessible from many cities, and geography is gradually expands. By the way, if in Egypt the choice of tourists is limited Greece’s most popular resorts Guests from the Russian Federation little-known destinations and charters on already known islands. There are direct flights to Araxos, Corfu, Zakynthos, Rhodes, Crete, in Thessaloniki, Athens.

Excursions and recreation

Whatever the different Greece and Egypt, their something unites. Egypt is a country that gave a lot to the Arab world Greece is of European civilization. Both states have the richest ancient heritage, which you need to see at least once in your life.

Both Greece and Egypt are good options for a lazy vacation. But Egypt is more focused on those who prefer all-inclusive. In Greece, hotels that work on this system do not own it fully: the Greek all inclusive differs from Egyptian. This country is more suitable for outdoor activities. Here developed ferry service and many opportunities for independent trips to attractions. Egypt will do for those who love guided tours.

Rest in Egypt is possible most of the year: water is always here warm But in Greece, the season ends by October, but in summer (in unlike Egypt) there is no suffocating heat.

Beaches and the sea

The sea in Greece is her main wealth. Sandy coast stretched for miles, providing a wide selection of tourists. You can go to the most famous beaches, and you can find a secluded bay and discover little-known sites. Greek beaches regularly occupy the first lines in the world ratings. Arriving in Greece, the tourist has a huge selection of seas. You can swim in the Ionian, appreciate the beauty of the Aegean, compare these seas with the Mediterranean. But there is still Cretan and Libyan, and also the places where their waters merge. The division is very conditional, but few people disagree – each of the seas of Greece has its own character and even color.

In Egypt, the beaches on the fan. It’s not easy to get to paradise sandy beaches. to get – most often have to rest in close proximity to coral reefs. Into the Red Sea flow rivers that affect the transparency of the water – here it is not as crystal as in Greece. WITH a gentle entrance here is a problem precisely because of the corals, so without special slippers can not do. But the sandy coast is still there, and you can find it in the part of Egypt that is washed by the Mediterranean by sea


Many have heard about the dangers of Egypt. First, here periodically there are military conflicts and unrest. And before tourists have to relax not to relax, but to bother search for safe routes. Secondly, Egypt is not the most safe direction for women. Without the company represented by men here you will not go anywhere: you will immediately become an object of undesirable attention. Renting a car in Egypt is also not safe: driving on roads are intense and chaotic.

As for Greece, the country has low rates crime Both women and women feel comfortable here. tourists who came alone. You can take the car and go all over large cities, mountain villages, non-tourist corners of the country. BUT in the evening it’s not scary to walk around the Greek streets even for children.

Hotels and Service

In Greece, the division of hotels by “star” conditional. Can find successful “treshku” and give up on a chic five-star complex. But a significant plus in Greek hotels compared to Egyptian is: even in a modest hotel, the level of service will be satisfactory. But in Egypt (so as not to get poisoned and do not spoil the rest at all) it is advisable to stay at the hotel categories not lower than 4 *. 5 * hotels – perfect with excellent service and service.

The territory of hotels in Egypt is sometimes amazing scale. They remind, rather, mini-cities where there is everything you need. Even travel outside the hotel is not necessary. So the Egyptians try to compensate for the distance of many good hotels from cities, and tourists like such conditions.

If we talk about such a favorite of our tourists animation, Egypt looks like a leader. Local hotels pay more attention. children creating unimaginable saturation programs and entertainment. In Greece, a full-fledged animation can be found except in large hotel complexes. But her absence sometimes compensate for the presence of Greek nights.

In Greece, tourists are unlikely to be faced with the fact that the staff will hint at tips. Here, encouraging good work is a personal matter. everyone. But in Egypt, the tourists are trying to lure the extra dollar at the opportunity. Otherwise, the good service does not count have to. Most likely, in recent years, employees of local hotels just accustomed to the generosity of our tourists.


Prices in Egypt will please even the most economical tourists. Snack here for $ 3, dine at $ 20 (for two), buy water – for $ 0.5, rent an apartment in decent area – for $ 20-25 (per day). In addition, in Egypt, very cheap fruits. But the prices for souvenirs in this country are often overpriced.

Rest in Greece though more expensive than in Egypt but by European standards prices here are not high. Fast food – from 3.5 euros, water – from 90 cents, an apartment per night – from 35 euros. Average check in local tavern – 10-13 euros.

Greece and Egypt – the countries united by love tourists and separated by a number of features. Greece as more a variety of leisure options is ideal for those who want to “simulate” your vacation. Let all inclusive here not always immaculate, and prices are higher than Egyptian, but in this country you can completely relax, immerse yourself in rest and not be afraid for your security.


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