Thessaloniki in postcards and maps: new free Exhibition


Старые открытки не меньше, чем фотографии способны очаровать иbecome an interesting material for studying the history of cities and social habits of time. So say the organizers of the exhibition Thessaloniki of the 1900s, which opened the other day in Museum of plumbing.

Multinational and multicultural city of Thessaloniki at the beginning of XX century was one of the centers of the production of cards and cards. On many of them, the northern capital of Greece is captured as it was before fire in 1917 and restructuring. New exposition of the Museum of plumbing – nostalgic excursion into the past of Thessaloniki.

It presents hundreds of rare cards (including with the image of a city ruled by the Ottoman Empire and during World War I) and maps of the beginning of the XX century. Exposure clearly shows how Thessaloniki changed and turned from the Balkan remote places in one of the most significant cities of Greece. Exhibition Uniquely and the fact that postcards were the first mass photographic image of the city. They started in Thessaloniki release from the end of the XIX century.

View the collection is free. The Museum of aqueduct is open from 9:00 to 14:00 daily (Sunday – by prior arrangement).

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