The world’s first underwater show will take place near the Cape. Sounion


Drops of Breath — так хореографы Софи Булбуян и АпостолияPapadamaki called the world’s first underwater show. In collaboration with colleagues from 10 countries they created a dance program that will be shown on September 25-27 at 14:00.

Artists of a multinational troupe from France, the Netherlands, Greece and Cyprus will dance near one of the most beautiful places in Greece – Cape Sounion. Nearby is the temple of Poseidon, which will create an impressive background. A scuba show will be followed sound and light effects. Complete the picture with a unique choreography and original costumes.

Accredited divers will be allowed to watch the show right below water The owner of such a ticket will plunge to 6 meters to be in a couple of steps from the epicenter of events. The rest can benefit masked to see the view, being on the surface of the sea. For the rest, the organizers will install a screen on the coast. On him underwater cameras will display a live image.

It is noteworthy that some participants of the show are artists with limited opportunities. And water, according to the creators programs, as the most important resource unites everyone – she doesn’t know neither borders nor religions. Also choreographers intend to attract attention. to the problem of ecology of the Mediterranean.

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