The most delicious sweets of Thailand, from which hard to break away!

Thai sweets is one of the signs by which you can understand that you are not only on the other side of the World, but even in a different civilization, radically different from European. Therefore, many tourists, going on a trip to Indochina, interested in what sweets are sold in Thailand. First of all, it is striking that residents the kingdom of Siam is unknown European chip about the dangers of sugar. Even Coca-Cola, traditional for the whole planet, is extremely sweet there. The basis of all the desserts in this country is rice, the second by The prevalence ingredient is coconut milk. Sugar only reed is used, having a yellowish color and a tart flavor that may seem unusual to a person overly exotic. And some food addictions Thais Can and at all shock Europeans. Today we will tell you about what kind of sweetness in Thailand especially liked, although their taste is unusual, it didn’t cause rejection. 1

Fried Ice Cream

Fried ice cream in Thailand

This is not an oxymoron, fried ice cream in Thailand common dish, it is loved throughout Southeast Asia. Roast it called for the method of preparation, although it is only visible and deceptive side of the process. The finished dish is served not in traditional for Europe briquettes or cups, and in the form of rolls, which is also unusually. Break away from him, not having reached the last gram, pretty hard.

For the preparation of this sweet dish are used only natural ingredients. Its basis is milk, mixed with coconut flakes. It is poured on a highly chilled. stone or metal board-freezer, and then actively mix with spatulas and add different goodies – pieces fruit cookies spice. There is no single recipe, so every ice cream vendor has a completely different taste, even if jostling elbows. In addition, buyers are usually asked what they would like to put in ice cream. All cooking does not go away more than three minutes. This little attraction with a delicious finish usually very popular with tourists.


Banana Pancakes

Pancakes with bananas in Thailand

Pancakes with bananas in Thailand most often served street merchants – owners of makashnits or those who work for food courts, night markets and similar venues. And their cooking traditionally turns into a show that attracts buyers. Themselves banana flour pancakes, called Rotti, start knead and bake only after receiving the order, right on your eyes, so no doubt their freshness does not arise. Serve this sweet with both filling and without and it can be different: sweet, sour, and salty, and without it.


Shariki Khanom Tom

Balls Khan Tom in Thailand

Khanom Thom balls in Thailand throughout Southeast Asia made from sticky rice. They are colored with food coloring in bright yellow. Colour. Can be sold as soaked coconut milk and dusted with coconut chips (then they are sweet), and in the form semi-finished products. In the latter case, they are packaged in a container. there is options when a banana or black pulp is rolled into the ball beans. Most of all we liked the balls with the addition of pumpkin, gives rice a special flavor note. This Thai sweetness is pretty tasty, but very high in calories. So do not get carried away.


Mango Rice

Sweet rice with mango in Thailand

Sweet rice with mango in Thailand is traditional national dish for Thais it is like our dumplings or herring under a fur coat. White sticky rice is used for cooking, which is not exported outside of Southeast Asia. Part the ingredients also include sweet condensed cow and coconut milk. Mango pulp is served separately. Especially often this dish found on the menu of restaurants and cafes in April and May, when ripen mango. Then it is the most delicious.


Candy Bow Chup

Candy Onion Choop in Thailand

If you are wondering what Thai exotic bring sweets from Thailand, it is better than these small candies can not think of anything. The recipe of their preparation is long-term digestion of sweet beans in sweet milk, followed by a sticky mass is formed, from which you can mold anything. Therefore, the Bow Chup confectionery in Thailand looks different – They are made in the form of exotic animals, slices of watermelon, cherry, and then paint. They are no larger than almond and They eat almost like seeds. Honestly, their decorative qualities better than flavoring.


Cotton candy Roti Sai Mai

Cotton candy Roti Sai Mai in Thailand

Well, without buying cotton wool, a trip to the rides or children’s the park now seems weak. Roti Sai Mai’s sweet candy Thailand will not allow you to break the perception format when visiting places of entertainment in this country. Make it out palm sugar and its color is not regulated. Only here instead traditional balls it is served in the form of … How would you say softer? Imagine a multi-colored strand of hair rolled into a ball. AT makashnitsah it is served not on sticks, but wrapped in a thin pancake from rice flour.


Dessert Khanon Chan

Dessert Khanon Chan in Thailand

Dessert Khanon Chan in Thailand since time immemorial. This Thai delicacy has a sacred meaning. Represents parallelepiped of nine layers, because according to Thai mythology Nine is the number of prosperity. This is a flour product, for cooking which uses finely ground rice and tapioca – flour from cassava tubers. Also included in the ingredients are sugar and coconut milk. It is painted with natural plant extracts. in red or green color, with the layers differing shades. It smells of herbs, smooth to the touch, oily, can stick to hands.

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