The Louvre gave Greece the consent to create a copy of Nicky Samothrace


По инициативе Восточной Македонии и области Фракия былоformed an appeal to the Paris Louvre. Greek side asked to give permission to create a copy of one of the main exhibits of the French museum – Nicky of Samothrace. Recently become it is known that the Louvre has given its consent.

Also known as Samothraki’s “Winged Victory”, marble The sculpture of the goddess Nika is one of the most famous statues in the world – with 1884 stored in the Louvre. Nick was one of the three winged sculptures found in the sanctuary on the Greek island of Samothraki. Her in April 1863, the French archaeologist and consul Charles discovered Shampoiso Almost immediately, he sent the sculpture to his homeland.

Yorgos Pavlidis, prefect of Thrace and East Macedonia, stressed the importance of sculpture as part of the great cultural heritage of greece. The Louvre, agreeing with this position, gave permission to create two exact copies of Nicky in the original size. One of the replicas will be placed on Samofraki, the second – in the city Alexandroupolis.

Pavlidis also noted: “Our cultural heritage is exceptional, recognized worldwide. It influenced culture modern civilization. And our task is to bring the Greeks closer to theirs. heritage. ”

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