The Kranidi Festival will reveal the secrets of olives and olive oil


5-й Фестиваль оливкового масла и оливок в очередной разwill reveal the secrets of “liquid gold” that Greece is so proud of. is he will be held July 30-31 in the city of Kranidi in Argolide.

The festival will be attended by cooks, experts on nutrition and the Mediterranean diet, producers, farmers and scientists. They will gather in Kranidi to talk about the benefits and benefits. olive oil, as well as tell you how to properly use it as the main ingredient in cooking.

The festival is scheduled discussions on olive groves as an important component of the ecosystem, olive oil and its path from the cultivation of olives to store shelves, and also methods of applying oil in the Mediterranean diet.

The Peloponnese region is organizing the festival, therefore in events that will begin in the central square of Kranidi, waiting participants from all over the region and other areas of Greece. Visitors waiting for themed exhibitions, concerts and tastings – without them the Festival of olives just does not cost. Scheduled for July 30 the performance of the famous singer and composer Dionysis Savvopoulos. And on July 31, the festival will end with a jazz concert.

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