The island of Tinos will attract tourists through sports


28-29 мая греческий остров Тинос станет местомattraction for all runners. Tinos will be held here. Challenge – a race through modern routes and past the antique attractions. The organizers are confident that a small Cycladic island will attract the flow of tourists through sport

This year’s events include a 20 km run from Panormos beach to Profitis Ilias at an altitude of 360 m and a 5 km run from Panormos side of Pyrgos. In the Bay of Isternia will be organized information centers for participants and viewers. Tinos challenge is part of the Cyclades Trail Cup, first organized in 2016 year He united the islands of Tinos, Andros and Syros with the goal drawing attention to the natural beauty and characteristics of each islands.

A two-day event will showcase cultural the heritage and geographical identity of Tinos at the expense of not only sports, but also entertainment. In the villages of Panormos and Isternia is scheduled for traditional dinners that will introduce guests with Tinos cooking. And in some taverns will offer free treats.

Learn more about routes, conditions of participation and parallel Tinos Challenge events on the official website

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