The festival of chestnuts will be held in Nafpaktos tsipouro


17 октября и до конца следующего дня в посёлке BUT но Хора (верхнейparts of the city of Nafpaktos) will be held the Festival of chestnuts and tsipouro Every year, locals with passion and enthusiasm prepare for your favorite holiday. The festival is the oldest and, perhaps, The best tradition of the village. And chestnuts – the main support of the economy Nafpaktos since the times of Byzantium.

Although the start of events is scheduled for Saturday, already from Friday the village will be actively preparing. Participants will install boilers for distilling tsipouro and equip places for cooking fresh products of the region.

At sunrise dawn Nafpaktos will cover unique aromas. Local mistress will cook branded treats nearby mountain villages: muffins, donuts, kurabedez, quince sweets, pies and traditional stew. Ano Chora will be one big platform for socializing, dancing and tasting freshly baked chestnuts. At the same time there will be a fair where you can buy your favorite products.

The value of the festival as a cultural event is truly enormous. After all, neither in Greece nor in other countries there are no similar holidays. Аfor tourists, it will be an extra reason to ensure hospitality the Greeks.

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