The Desert in Greece: “Little Sahara” in the North Lemnos

“Exile”, “lunar landscape” – can be described as unique place which is located in the northern part of the island Lemnos, near the village called Katalakko


Путешественник, оказавшись в этом месте, увидит совершенноuncharacteristic for Greece landscape – miniature African desert an area of ​​70000 m2 with real sand dunes, which change the shape and location of the wind!

Desert in Greece:

White lilies, prutnyak, thyme, willow, wild olive, sandy skirt, marine panderation, common oleander is almost the whole list of representatives of the flora growing on this amazing a piece of land.

But despite the severity, “little Sahara” enjoys popular with movie studios for filming commercials and shots for future films.

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