The best family vacation is in Greece!


По сообщению британской компании OnePoll, проводившей опросamong travelers, Greece was recognized as one of the countries with most favorable conditions for family holidays.

More than 50% of parents choose Greece as a place to family holidays, relying on the fact that their children will be pleased and interesting to spend your holidays in the Greek resorts. Also It is worth noting that the share of family holidays is about 24% of total tourist flow. In turn, the vast the number of respondents were in favor of holding their own family time is their most important time fact in their family life.

Interestingly and the fact that almost 90% of children aged from 4 to 16 years choose vacation during the holidays with their parents.

Most of the surveyed children (60%) would love to spend your time outdoors, for example, in an aqua park, rather than spend it on computer games.

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