The ancient theater of Larisa opened for wide public


Древний театр, расположенный в городе Лариса (Фессалия),first opened to the public on April 1st.

Monument to the history of the III century BC, which became the hallmark the city and the main tourist attraction, will work daily, from 10:00 to 13:00. The entrance is free.

Located at the foot of the fortress right in the city center, the ancient the theater is one of the best preserved buildings of this type. And also considered the largest theater in Thessaly and one of the largest theaters in Greece. It can hold up to 12,000 viewers and used for the purpose of more than 6 centuries. Now Visitors can see the orchestra and the stage. However, part of the premises temporarily closed for the last stage restoration work. The final completion of the project will go to four years old.

Excavations and works in the antique theater of Larisa were carried out regularly. from the late 70s. But large-scale restoration began in 1990. They even had to demolish part of the city buildings. In the initial stages archaeologists have discovered many statues and other artifacts here, which are now stored in the city’s diachronic museum. Judging According to the findings, the theater was dedicated to the cult of Dionysus – next door is his altar

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