The Acropolis Museum will unveil the secrets of Samothraki during World Tourism Day


В честь Дня туризма, который отмечают в сентябре, музейAcropolis will give its guests the opportunity to better learn architecture and amazing archaeological artifacts of the island Samofraki. The best archeologists and specialists will help in this museum.

September 25-27 are waiting here at the temporary exhibition “Samothrace. Mysteries of the great gods”. In parallel with the exhibition on the first day at 18:00 will be a discussion in English a language that archaeologists will conduct. They will be happy to talk with all who are interested in the secrets of the island, and answer questions visitors. And on September 26-27 the discussion will take place at 11:00. Login for participants free. As for the exhibition itself, it also is free to visit and will work from morning until 20:00.

It is worth noting that the exhibition dedicated to Samofraki opened back in June and end on 10 January. Now visitors are not only will see artifacts, but they will learn first-hand about interesting features of the landscape of Samothraki, the people of the island and the most significant finds. The name Samothraki in ancient times was closely related with mysterious religious cults – mysteries. Among the exhibits – mysterious objects of worship, found in shrines, numerous friezes, bas-reliefs and statues. Works multimedia Exhibition.

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