The 18th Festival will be held in Thessaloniki documentary


11-20 марта в Салониках будет проходить 18-й ФестивальDocumentary film “Images of the XXI century”. Annual a cultural event that gathers participants and spectators from around world, this time will include 72 documentary shows. The vast majority of films – Greek and Cypriot production.

The themes of the films presented at the festival are quite wide:

  • Human rights
  • Financial crisis
  • Politics
  • Refugees
  • Images of Greece
  • Personalities
  • art
  • Architecture
  • Environment
  • Collective memory
  • Aspects of history
  • The stories of ordinary people
  • Find answers to troubling questions

A special place is given to 13 films from Central Europe, the Balkans and Mediterranean countries. They will be presented only to special guests. festival, which will appreciate the prospects for the promotion of selected paintings. In parallel, there will be special events for spectators volunteers and filmmakers. Viewers will have the opportunity meet with directors, take part in open discussions after film screenings, exhibitions and master classes. One of the missions Documentary Film Festival – the creation of a single platform on which Greek and foreign documentaries can find their audience and get airtime on television.

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