Telephone communications in Greece: how to save on it during the holidays?


Туристам, для которых во время путешествия поддержание связи сHomeland – an important nuance, it is desirable to seriously think about saving. Calling from Greece to the Russian Federation in roaming is expensive. But sim cards for tourists or suggestions from local operators will help save substantial funds.

Tourist cards

One of the popular ways to save among tourists – purchase of special tourist sim cards. Common is a goodline card which provides profitable roaming services, including in Greece.

Goodline offers fairly competitive rates. For example, incoming call will cost $ 0 to the number provided by this by the operator. If you want to keep the usual number, incoming will cost $ 0.15. The same amount you spend on a call to St. Petersburg and Moscow, to other regions – $ 0.29. By connecting the service “Favorite Number”, the cost can be reduced as much as possible to $ 0.05. SMS on average will cost $ 0.25, a call to a Greek number – $ 0.49.

The choice of “Goodline” provides several fares. One of most profitable – Good-Journey, when connected for 599 rub. customer will be able to receive incoming calls totally free to call your favorite numbers for $ 0.05 and to any Russian numbers for $ 0.15. Connecting another fare (Good-Rest) for 250 rub., The client will receive free inbox and the ability to call home for $ 0.15.

Greek operators and the most favorable tariffs

Other tourists prefer to save on telephone in Greece, acquiring local sims. In this case, you need to be prepared. provide passport details and possibly the address of the hotel. Intercity There is no roaming in Greece, so you can safely move around the country, without fear of extra costs.

Choosing a favorable tariff, you need to ask about the quality of communication in specific region. If the coverage of the selected operator in this terrain is bad, then problems with calls will bring a lot hassle

In Greece, there are absolute leaders and bright players in the communications market, among which tourists make a choice. These are Vodafone, Cosmote and Wind. To be able to use the services will have to first purchase number (up to 10 euros), and then – the main package.

It is believed that Wind has the best coverage. which has a Q subsidiary that produces a Q Card. Calls to Russia for Q Card holders will cost 0.0075 euros (sec.). Also Wind offers to pay 3-5 euros and get from 60 minutes conversations with the homeland – the price and the number of minutes depends on the choice subscriber.

Cosmote owns Frog – an inexpensive the operator who allows you to pay 5 euros and get for this sum of 40 minutes to talk. Send SMS to a foreign number can be for 0.05 euros, call – for 0.0042 euros (sec.).

Vodafone which many blame for the bad coverage and communication problems, offers 70 minutes of talk time in 5 Euro. It is also beneficial to take the tariff Vodafone International. Him owners pay 10 euros and get 1000 minutes to talk to Russia.

SIM cards can be searched in kiosks, shops of mobile operators or Germanos stores (for Cosmote). You can replenish the balance in convenience stores, kiosks, stores – here they sell cards in denominations 5-15 euros. In the kiosks or supermarkets there are also inexpensive Face cards (5 euro) for phone calls automatic machines. The subscriber receives approximately 2.5 hours to talk.

The slightly tangled telephone system in Greece requires time to choose the most profitable option for calls. But to Fortunately there are many opportunities to share impressions about the rest in Greece with family and at the same time do not go broke on roaming.

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