Stars in Greece. Return to enjoy


Греческие СМИ распространили информацию о том, что в серединеThis year, Madonna’s arrival in Ithaca is expected. Queen pop music is going to arrive on his private yacht to the villa, located in the area of ​​Wafi in Schinos.

Her favorite color is white. She is sure that comes from him positive energy. Therefore, according to her special request, the walls of the villa painted white, the floors are soft white carpets, and all rooms are decorated with white flowers in beautiful white vases.

The second time they visit the Greek island of Kos Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas They brought a luxury yacht. Especially the star couple like walks and traditional Greek cuisine. Media point out that Katherine liked sweet tastes of the local tomatoes

Another famous couple spends another vacation in Greece – Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Goldie, despite her 67 years, just struck all the rest with its slender figure. Large it brings pleasure to ride on the sea in a motorboat.

Stars in Greece. Return to enjoy

Since the beginning of this summer, many world stars have visited Greece sports, show business and art. So, your honeymoon on a cruise on the islands of Greece held a basketball star Michael Jordan with his wife Iveta Prieto, who is 15 years younger than Michael. Couple visited Hydra, Spetses and the island of windmills Mykonos.

Before the birth I spent the whole week in Mykonos and Kim Kardashian with his family. On the island, she continued filming the reality “Keep up with the Kardashians “. It is reported that meeting guests at even Athanasios Kusafanas, the mayor of Mykonos, was present at the aerodrome. Before the arrival of the stars of power did everything to the sites on which shooting took place, were in full readiness. The arrival of the Kim family and his crew caused a real stir among the locals and foreign tourists.

Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands, and on it Many Hollywood stars often stop to rest. This the season on the island will be remembered for being visited by a famous actress, singer, designer, model and heiress of the famous network in Hilton Hotels Paris Hilton, which arrived here on one of the their yachts called Barbie.

Surrounded by beautiful women spent his holidays on this island and Russell Crowe, famous Australian actor, what about the true admiration and promise to return wrote in his Twitter. By According to the main character of the film “Gladiator”, a huge spiritual value for him was a trip to the Aegean Sea.

In the first days of summer in Athens there was a premiere of the film. Richard Linklater’s “Till Midnight,” to which Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy came to take part in his filming. The event was held in the summer cinema “Fision”, which recognized by CNN as one of the best in the world.

Stars in Greece. Return to enjoy

Also noted is the arrival in Greece with the purpose of traveling around the Aegean Sea of ​​Qatar’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jasim Al-Thani, who arrived at the 140-meter-high present floating palace, a huge yacht “Al Mirkab”. Having stopped near Kukunaries, on the island of Skiathos, the Sheikh wished to taste mutton on a spit, and Greek coffee.

Stars in Greece. Return to enjoy

In addition to famous guests from overseas, Greece, and more precisely the island Skorpios, this year Dmitry and Ekaterina Rybolovlev visited. It is reported that they were truly admired by the beauty of this of nature.

Those who have visited Greece at least once, have visited at least one of truly beautiful corners of this country will remember your journey to all my life and will certainly want to return to these more than once shores. Return to enjoy the sea, sun, drown in looking for spiritual truths, or just drink a cup of coffee in Greek. After all, the word Yassou translates not only as “goodbye”, it means “hello”.

Stars in Greece. Return to enjoy

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