“Spirit of Ararat”: a new exhibition in Athens

sixteen. 03.2016

Византийский и Христианский музей Афин впервые в историиaccepts an exhibition of archaeological finds and cultural property Armenia “Spirit of Ararat”. 104 objects from Yerevan the museum will be presented to the public from March 15 to May 31 inclusive.

Yerevan Museum is the largest repository of the Armenian heritage from prehistoric times to the Hellenistic and Byzantine eras. The exhibition will be a bridge between the two countries – (Armenia and Greece), which are traditionally considered fraternal states. Of the capital of Armenia in Athens brought a lot of important objects. In the museum you can see figurines dating back to the Bronze Age, a variety archaeological finds of civilization of Urartu, coins of the Roman, Hellenistic and Byzantine periods. These exhibits will introduce with the past of Armenia.

At the same time, church artifacts, vestments of clergy, vessels, manuscripts and old books will become a guide to the Christian life of Armenians. XVII-XX century, represented by the subjects of secular life – costumes, carpets, jewelry. Also part of the exhibition was the presentation of archival materials related to the genocide of 1915 of the year.

The exhibition is open daily (except Monday), from 9 to 16.

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