Spetses Island, Greece

Spetses is a small, hilly, green island which is located at the entrance to the Argolic Gulf (Peloponnese). From the port of Athens, Piraeus do Spetses, 40 km, depending on the type water transport can be reached there in 4 hours (by ferry) or 1.45 (on the boat). The area of ​​Spetses is about 22 square meters. km, population – about 4 thousand people.

10.02.2014Spetses Island, Greece

Спецес часто называют “ароматным островом”,because on its territory grows many herbs used in as a spice. In addition, most of the hills still covered with Mediterranean pine forests, which makes the local the air is clean and healing. The most popular way to travel on the island is a moped and a motorbike, there are few cars here, which is also positive effect on the state of ecology.

At one time, Spetses was glorified in intellectual circles thanks to the novel of the English writer John Fowles “Magus”, so since then it is considered an ideal place rest for the elite. What can we say – even the Greek monarchs chose Spetses for one of their country residences. AT 2010, the island was the wedding of the son of the last king of Greece Constantine II, Crown Prince of Greece Nikolaos (monarchy in Greece was finally abolished in 1973, the royal family lost most of their property). Since May 2013, the former the king lives with his family on Spetses.

Spetses Island, Greecephoto: Vyacheslav Slobodchuk.slobodchuk.ru

Some events have linked the history of the island with the Russian an empire. During the Russian-Turkish war on Spetses lived the rich widow Laskarina Bubulina, who for her money contained a small fleet and supplied the Greek rebels who fought against Turkish rule. In Constantinople Laskarina communicated with Russian ambassador, and even lived for several months in the Crimea. In 1821 year she showed courage and was able to raise the rebels for decisive assault on the fortress of Nafplion. Assessing the merits of Laskarins, Russian emperor Alexander I awarded her the title of admiral Russian fleet (the only woman admiral) and presented Mongolian sword, which is still the decoration of the collection in Laskarin Museum Bubulina on Spetses.

Spetses Island, Greecephoto: dodekanissaweb.gr

Most of the buildings on Spetses are rich houses of merchants and shipowners, so walking along the old streets is a must point for tourists. On the sidewalks you can often see mosaic Stone drawings are one of Spetses’ business cards. AT September on the island during the week held the famous Festival “Armata”, which recreate the decisive battle between Greek and Turkish fleet in 1822. Its culmination becoming a burning mock of a Turkish ship in kind magnitude.

Spetses Island, Greecephoto: ellada-russia.ru

There are several museums and churches on Spetses; tourists leave the island for excursions to other places Greece

The sandy beaches of Spetses are like usually a small strip of shore surrounded by shrubs and trees, the natural boundaries of the beaches are stony spurs.

Climate and weather on Spetses – typically Mediterranean with windy and cool winters and warm dry summer. The tourist season here lasts from April to October, the sea warm enough from June to October.

Map of Spetses

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