Skopelos Island – the place where the drink is born gods

Skopelos is a Greek island located next door. with the islands of the archipelago of the Northern Sporades Skiathos and Alonissos. Skopelos is considered one of the greenest islands Greece.If you believe the ancient legend, then in ancient times the island reigned the son of the famous god of winemaking Dionysus, King Stafil. Until now Since then, this Greek island is famous for being born on its land the drink of the gods is wine.


Сегодня остров населяют всего около 5000 жителей. Get to it is possible by ferry, for example, from Skiathos or Volos. BUT You can’t get to Skopelos by plane, since there is no airfield.

Skopelos Island - the place where the drink of the gods is born

In terms of tourism, the island has gained worldwide fame after the release of the film Mamma Mia, whose numerous scenes were filmed it is on Skopelos. Starring starred famous Hollywood stars Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan.

What to see on this wonderful Greek island?

Skopelos is famous for being relatively a small territory of the island built a large number of churches. By Some estimates put their number at 123 (approximately 1 church for 40 local residents). And every church will be interesting not only a pilgrim, but also an ordinary tourist. For example, in church Panayia Papameletiu, built in 1662, very well preserved interior and carved iconostasis, made master of the island of Crete Agorastos.

The monastery, which can be considered the main attraction island, is an hour’s drive from the main town of Skopelos – Agios Ioannis Prodromos. This monastery located on top of a small cliff, and you can reach it only by steep stairs. By the way, remember the movie Mamma Mia: the final shots were shot exactly in the vicinity of the monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos.

Skopelos Island - the place where the drink of the gods is born

It will also be interesting to visit other Orthodox attractions of the island: the monasteries of the Forerunner and St. Rigin, Church of Christ and the Archangel Michael.

In addition, Skopelos is also interesting because despite the ever-growing tourist flow, on it preserved the traditional Greek way of life. Plenty of taverns with national Greek cuisine is located on the streets of local towns, and each of them offers a variety of delicious dishes. And not Forget about the wine list! Do you remember where the wine was born?

Skopelos Island - the place where the drink of the gods is born

By choosing Skopelos as a place for your vacation, you can’t Doubt that rest on the wonderful beaches of the island great pleasure. Each beach is surrounded by magnificent pine trees. forests, creating a cozy atmosphere of peace. You can also find and secluded picturesque cove or harbor, of which Skopelos abound.

The following beaches should be highlighted:

  • Stafylos and Velona who are near the capital
  • Agnodas harbor where the ferry is located wharf
  • Limnonari beach
  • Milies and panormos who very popular with tourists. Therefore they are almost always crowded

Skopelos Island - the place where the drink of the gods is born

So you decided to visit this wonderful Greek island, but you are interested in one important question: where to stay on Skopelos? Do not doubt, the island has a good hotel: among the many cozy hotels you can easily choose most like you personally. View hotel You can, for example, on, or contact your tour operator in Greece, who will select for you the best option for placement.

Skopelos Island Map

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