Skopelos: 7 best beaches of the island, where shot Mamma Mia


Остров Скопелос захватил умы путешественников после фильма”Mamma Mia”: did not go unnoticed extraordinary landscapes. The beauty of one of the greenest places Greece, clear waters and dazzling beaches – all this is a pledge of growing popularity of Skopelos. Here are some of the best beaches that will give you an unforgettable Greek holiday.


Kastani Beach is one of those that can be seen in “Mamma Mia”. It is customary to combine it with Milia Beach, talking about it. coast as a whole. Here at the service of guests parking, bar and all amenities. But the place on Kastani care is worth in advance: only in the morning hours is more or less free. Kastani choose for its ideal natural landscapes combined with crystal water and opportunities for complete relaxation. This the beach is not of enormous size, but literally buried in greenery.

Kastani Beach


Stafylos is the nearest beach to the town of Skopelos (4 km). it long and sandy stretch of coast, surrounded by cliffs. Together with the pines growing on them, these rocks from two sides of the beach create a special atmosphere and make Stafylos attractive for recreation. Despite the rather difficult access (steep descent), on The beach is almost always crowded.


Velanio Beach is famous for its calm and harmonious atmosphere. landscapes. It can be reached via the beach of Stafylos or the boat. Velanio is guaranteed to reward guests with its beauty, which mass tourism has not yet broken. Because of the small the majority of tourists on Velanio will always be found free place. By the way, unofficially the beach was divided into parts, one of which nudists were chosen.

Beach Velaniophoto:


Panormos – perhaps the best option for tourists who love surround yourself with all comforts. Natural and picturesque bay adjacent to taverns, rental apartments, bars and mini markets. It is convenient to come here with children, as well as visit Panormos in the evening to have dinner by the sea. Besides bus stops are located very close. Water in this place almost always calm and rather large sea depth offset by exceptional clarity and good visibility.


The small sandy bay of Limnonari with its azure waters lost somewhere at the foot of the pine hills in the south of Skopelos. Nearby is Agnondas – resort town. Despite relative privacy, Limnonari well equipped, nearby many taverns and mini-hotels. Because of the neighborhood with the mountains on the beach darkens quickly, and tourists are leaving early. Therefore it makes sense stay here for a couple of days, enjoy the evening silence and have dinner at a local restaurant.


Agnondas beach is located in a beautiful bay, and holidaymakers can feel at the center of the story. In antiquity, near lived Olympic champion, in whose honor the islanders gave this name the village. The coastal town is immersed in greenery, and pristine beaches with emerald waters impress tourists. In the port Agnondas has many private boats and yachts, so you can enjoy sea ​​walk. As befits the beaches of Skopelos, Agnondas too different clear water.


Khovolo is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches of Skopelos for its peaceful atmosphere and clear waters. In fact, it consists of three bays. And each of them has its own unique features. Hovolo bay surrounded by huge rocks, not found nearby beach bars or entertainment – just peace and quiet as well opportunities to wander around to discover the natural charm Skopelos and dine in a traditional tavern.

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