Should I go to Greece in November?


С чем в первую очередь ассоциируется отдых в Греции? Right, with magnificent beaches, the sea and the hot southern sun. But if we Now we look out the window, we will see a completely different landscape – rain, sleet and almost bare trees. Naturally, we are in Russia and the calendar is already the end of October. And it will be completely normal question: and if you go to rest in Greece in November, then what is there to do – it’s already cold and not particularly sunbathe on the beach!

Yes, in November it’s really cold in Greece, but not colder than in Russia in September – the average temperature varies from 12 up to 20 degrees depending on the region. Sea water is already several It is cold and not suitable for everyone who wants to swim. For example, in Thessaloniki water temperature in the sea about 20C. Therefore, the best in November in Greece to devote their time to excursions and study numerous attractions.

Should I go to Greece in November?

By the way, it should be noted that many hotels and taverns closed until next season. But it can be said that it will “plus” for those who love solitude: the number of tourists in it the time of year is minimal and especially noticeable on the Greek islands. Another advantage for vacationers in November Greece – low prices for many services.

So, what can you do in Greece in November:

  • Create an interesting excursion program and go learn greek history. It should be noted here that in November the overwhelming majority of excursion offices are closed and therefore you need rely only on yourself.
  • Rent a car and make a trip to Greece. Prices for renting a car in the low season are much more pleasant than in tall.
  • Hire a private Russian-speaking guide, make up with him individual excursion program, rent a car and discover new greece.
  • You can just relax from the hustle and bustle in a cozy hotel on the beach Mediterranean and throughout their holidays not remember about the noisy, gassed and vain Moscow (St. Petersburg, Voronezh, etc.)

Should I go to Greece in November?

Even at this time in Greece are held numerous holidays and festivals. So, in Thessaloniki, you can visit the cultural festival Dimitri, and in Athens to take part in a race in the traditional Athenian Marathon.

November 8 is the day of saints Michael and Gabriel, therefore in almost all churches and monasteries various events dedicated to this event. And on November 21 is very magnificent Introduction to the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be celebrated.

Should I go to Greece in November?

Thus, we see that to rest in November in Greece is not just possible, but necessary. May you not be able to bask in the rays hot Greek sun and swim in the sea, but you will have great opportunity to plunge into the ancient history of Hellas and learn Greece, on the other, no less beautiful side.

November landscape in Greece

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