Santorini will limit cruise traffic


На самом живописном острове Греции Санторини собираются ввестиlimit on cruise traffic. In 2017, a new system will be introduced. monitor the number of passengers who visit the island in cruise time. According to the preliminary plan, the limit will be 8000 visits per day.

Such forced measures have been discussed by the local authorities for a long time. The limit will improve the quality of services provided to tourists, and also take care of the Santorini environment.

The decision was made after the publication of a recent report. Hellenic Ports Association (ELIME), created in collaboration with Municipality of Fira and the University of the Aegean Sea. In him states that in 2015, Santorini took 636 cruise liners and over 790000 passengers. This makes the Cycladic island the most popular cruise destinations in Greece.

The islanders agree with tourism professionals. They sure that the mass flow of tourists in the period from May to October too big. Number of daily visits alone cruise passengers exceed 10,000 people. Already in the 2016 season the system of restrictions will be introduced experimentally. Cruise operators have made adjustments to the routes.

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