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Греческий остров Санторини относится к тем местам, которые вrealities are as bright as glossy cards with their image in the souvenir shops. Blue and white houses have long been became a Greek brand, and the island itself – an iconic direction, where are newlyweds, romantics, hunters for the best views and lovers relax with comfort.

When is it better to go to Santorini

The swimming season on the island is opened already in May – in this sense Santorini is no different from other Greek islands and resorts. The last vacationers leave the beaches in November, because after the official closing of the season, even if there is a wind, sunbathe on beaches are not prohibited.

The most enjoyable time to visit Santorini can be called May and June, when the tourists had not yet had time to fill all the free space, and the weather is comfortable for swimming and even more so for walks. July and August – for those who are not afraid of the heat. And also a crowd tirelessly visiting tourists whose flow is not diminishing a minute Admire the sunsets in this case is difficult, have make room. September (especially the end of the month) is another successful one. period for a trip to Santorini.

How to get there

From the Russian Federation to Santorini, the easiest way to get with a transfer in Crete, since each year the number of direct charters changes, and such mode of movement remains unstable. Already in Crete, you can transfer to a speedboat or ferry. Ferries to the island go from ports of Athens, Rhodes and other major resorts in Greece. Also There are flights available to Santorini with many cities of Greece. The flight takes no more than 40 minutes.

5 am on Santorini

Santorini hotels

Whatever the “star” hotel, should be expected from the staff helpfulness, and on living conditions – maximum comfort. After all, hospitality and tourist orientation in Santorini – good tradition. On the island there are a variety of categories. hotels: there are luxury villas with terraces, there are apartments, comfortable hotels for the honeymoon, budget options. Since prices in Santorini are quite high, as an option for the night you can safely choose hostels.

Sightseeing and entertainment in Santorini

Fortunately, Santorini is not just a beautiful picture. This island able to discover many historical secrets of Greece. Most noticeable landmark – Akrotiri. This ancient city is among the large archaeological complexes of the country. Discovered here evidence left over from the rich Minoan city. Under volcanic ash archaeologists have been waiting for a building of 2-3 floors, shops, squares, household utensils, wall paintings. Many the finds are kept in Athens, the rest are in the museums of Santorini.

Continue the acquaintance worth visiting Fira. In this city many interesting things: Prehistoric and Archaeological museums, old quarters, early Christian buildings, Ayu-Ming Church. She became the symbol of the whole of santorini and often presented on promotional posters.

Interest is the most famous and ancient early Christian construction of the island. This is Panagia Episkopi – the church that survived the fires, invaders raids, earthquake, but remained the best preserved in Greece. Her the arches store the miraculous icon with a marble iconostasis.

It is worth devoting time to the city of Oia with its old windmills, domes, the Venetian castle and the maritime museum. The main advantage AI – views of the volcanoes and the best points to watch the sunsets. City as if it hovered over a caldera – a depression from a volcanic eruption. Caldera fascinates and impresses while remaining one the sights of santorini.

One of the reasons why Santorini cannot be called an island exclusively for romantics – ample opportunities for adventures. The most exciting of them – riding on quad bikes or trips to the volcano. No less interesting to dive into sea ​​waters – beautiful local diving spots instructors. Here developed a lot of immersion programs that will allow to diversify rest on Santorini. And on the island there opportunity to make a kayak tour along the coast with a stop at the most picturesque and impressive beaches.

morning cat on Santorini

Understanding the needs of millions of tourists, Santorini is actively develop infrastructure. There are many traditional restaurants and noisy clubs. You can choose the right one for you. way to spend your evening leisure: listen to live music, dance or watch the sunset while enjoying dinner restaurant overlooking the sea. A day worth a visit to any Santorini winery, where those wishing to purchase wine from unique grape varieties will tell about the traditions of the production of this drink and will show the range.

Santorini beaches

After sunsets, the main tourist magnet is considered Santorini volcanic beaches. Nature gave them a multicolored sand, which is rarely found. For example, Red Beach from the very morning filled wishing to relax next to the red rocks. The lack of space on the Red Beach affected the infrastructure, which is almost undeveloped. But the most bypassed (sun loungers, umbrellas) it is equipped.

Already black sand is waiting for Kamari – no less exotic, where, however, the situation with the infrastructure is much better. Nearby there is restaurants, equipped area for children, sports centers where tourists rent catamarans and all for diving.

For family holidays, preferably Paradisos, known flat bottom. If you move along this beach, you can find restaurants and hotels.

It seems that in Santorini everything is done for the sake of beauty. But it is these efforts do not go unnoticed: every year wanting to wander through narrow streets, make an offer in an atmosphere of romance, watch the best sunsets in the Mediterranean and relax on exotic sands getting bigger. Probably this is how it should be. be a real tourist treasure everybody dreams of a country. And Greece is very lucky in this regard.

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