Santorini is a lively bright soul that sings a song about phoenix

The islands are the favorite “paradise”, intended solely for rest and relaxation, according to most people are tired of worldly rush and eternal race. However, most of these “corners” quite banal.


Океан, белый песок и пальмы – именно так представляется подобныйrest by tour operators, however an experienced tourist knows well in which point of the huge planet, you can relax and soul and body, without leaving without attention “demanding lady”, whose name is a thirst for knowledge.

The name Santorini belongs simultaneously to the complex of islands and a separate island, previously called Fira, and only then got its second, much more famous name. Reason for this is simple: Fira is the capital and main city of the island, here are located the main points of communication with other major Greek cities. So fans of air travel, resting in Greece, can at least a few days fly to Santorini from Crete, Mykonos, sung by the ancient mythology of Athens and from “Pearl Mediterranean “- Rhodes. By the way, from the same Rhodes and Crete, and Piraeus, Cyclades and Kosa can also be sailed to Santorini – ferries go quite often, and in the summer and paradise at all – high-speed catamarans rushing tourists, cutting waves. True, the latter ply only from Piraeus, as well as Rethymnon and Heraklion in Crete.

Santorini is a lively bright soul that sings a song about the phoenix

The origin of the name of the island as such, no one leaves questions because the origins come from the name of the volcano, now asleep, however, which has never become the starting point of a new story Islands – his name is Santorini. Although the legend is also not worth discarding, at least for the sake of interest. The most widespread the story that the island was supposedly originally called Santo, after Greeks who worshiped St. Irene began to call him Santa Irena, and the modern name of the island was formed quite naturally – two the words merged into one, softer and harmonious.

Sights of Santorini

The main interest among people is caused by temples, both Catholic and Orthodox, of which there is an incredible set, and more specifically – 330. The Greeks have kept the old temples and build new ones, as is customary from them. By the way, they take religion very seriously, respecting beliefs of each other. Christianity is common here, as the mainstream, but also Catholicism, and Orthodoxy are peaceful coexist with each other despite the fact that Greece confessionally and officially belongs to only one branch Christianity – Orthodoxy.

Santorini is a lively bright soul that sings a song about the phoenix

Especially honored are the convent of St. Nicholas, and also the monastery of Elijah the Prophet, called by the Greeks as Profitis Ilias.

Akrotiri – the eternal legend

Mindful of religion, do not forget about the interest of tourists to ancient civilizations, in particular to their history and mysteries. So The main local attraction can be called Akrotiri. As it is known, Santorini’s earlier form was such a closed ring, but after numerous awakenings volcano, including the most powerful (7 on the Richter scale), the impressive part of it just went under the water, and the remaining divided into separate, albeit nearby islands, at least three of which are now uninhabited. Of course, scientists conducted here. a lot of research, but all the deformations and tumors of lava volcano track is quite difficult. Later, when at Cape Akrotiri excavations also began, archaeologists did not believe their eyes …. what did they see there? Oh, how I want to give you the opportunity guess about the assumptions that captured the spirit of many people then, before you can read here, because the history of Santorini is so resembles another story belonging to the most ancient civilization, most famous and most studied in the world – perfect. Strength mind development, perfection, inexhaustible source of energy, powerful uncontrollable natural phenomenon and flooding of the city, history which is counted in centuries, the destruction of the most intelligent civilization (here it is asked “oh is it?”) … That’s right! We are talking about Atlantis, the one that still stirs great minds. WITH historical point of view, this view is wrong, the reason for this lines of Plato, who wrote about Atlantis gone under the water.

Santorini is a lively bright soul that sings a song about the phoenix

Now back to the story. Ancients were discovered in Akrotiri walls of houses, many different frescoes and artifacts, very characteristic of the Minoan civilization. It struck archaeologists that No human or animal skeleton that happens not so often. However, this fact served as the basis for restoring a more complete picture of the day when the eruption of the Santorini volcano destroyed the island ring, turning it into a crescent. Obviously, such a powerful eruption an earthquake preceded by a volcano awakening preceded – it and became familiar to the locals of the time, the sign of anxiety. Proof of this are vessels, jugs and many other household things left by people in a hurry while jewels No – only one golden ibex is on display at the museum, rather all, just forgotten by its owner.

Oia – a city that came down from the screen or—

Snow-white houses, designed according to the main traditions of the Greeks in architecture, bright, even juicy sunsets, as if poured oranzhadom, narrow streets, bright and radiant people. Such she is Greece, so is the city of Oia or Oia, as the Greeks say, however, No, it is especially sunny and beautiful, because the atmosphere that was born here once, and today is cherished by people and that remarkable power – yes, here strive to keep primordial architectural secrets of houses, so even electric the wires are very carefully hidden so as not to disturb the big picture perfect city.

Santorini is a lively bright soul that sings a song about the phoenix

City, descended from the screen, and maybe, ascending to him? Here and True, they shoot episodes of movies and TV shows, and looking at the footage from there does not believe a real idyll, considering it a sham, and a tourist, who visited Oyu, even for a moment, but still feels like a movie hero, caught in a white fairy tale.

Santorini’s best beaches

No, no, and again no – no stories about pebbles and boring indications about where the loungers under the tourists “bounce”, and where parasols over their heads themselves become. You are in Santorini! Here it all does not matter: there is only you, the sun, salty water and black sand under your feet … Do you want red? Everything is for you! AND white is right there! There is nothing surprising – nature is nature, but such multi-colored beaches are rare.

Now more. Black beaches are Kamari, which are located in the east of Santorini. But the red and white beach is located almost beside. Red can be found on two landmarks:

  1. It is very close to Akrotiri
  2. Above it almost hangs high red rock.

The cause of colored sand can be called only numerous eruption of the Santorini volcano. Scientists say it is safe – original, but not a threat.

Santorini is a lively bright soul that sings a song about the phoenix

Fun and Fest Time

The cultural life of the local population is very rich. August 15 is the main religious holiday – the Day of the Assumption of the Virgin, which is accompanied by mass folk festivals, treats and congratulations. Religion is really very serious therefore, in each church the day of its patron is honored, that is, a festive service is held for the parishioners of the temple, what is going on treats and chanting of the patron saint.

But there are more modern entertainment related to music and traditions of the local population:

  1. The Santorini Jazz Festival is held annually, like everyone, and always in July. Musicians come, local jazz bands also delight fans of this style. Overall very beautiful and bright event, we recommend to visit.
  2. August is the main month for the people of Santorini, since It is this month that the holiday “Volcanoes” is held, during which people sing, dance, have fun and show scale productions that somehow symbolize a volcanic eruption, which is very important for them, because at one time the land of Santorini many times actually died after rivers of hot lava and ashen fogs, and then again and again revived, came to life and is now alive – it is celebrated.
  3. The beginning of September always means that it is about to take place. another music festival that will be again and again surprise, delight and entertain the public.

When people talk about islands, they often represent the usual passive. relaxation. Visiting Santorini, you will not regret it – this land remembers suffering, but warm from smiles, here bright people own wisdom and happy, and you … and you get a chance to learn from them, and maybe you Santorini’s sun will help and its juicy rays are the color of sweet orange …

Santorini is a lively bright soul that sings a song about the phoenix

Valery Stepnova.

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