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Refugee situation in the Greek Islands from the very beginning forced many tourists to postpone vacation until better times. AND often the reason for this is a lack of information or just informational confusion. Especially anxiety caused Neighborhood of the popular island of Rhodes with Turkey, through which the main stream of refugees and which is separated from the Greek borders only 20 km. Is it worth it to fear or can you safely plan holiday in rhodes?

Tourists claim: they did not encounter refugees in Rhodes and no problems during the holidays are not experienced.

Rhodes, like other regions of Greece, became one of the points migration. A year ago, the world’s media flew around rescue personnel operations off the coast of the island. Then managed to survive several dozens of migrants, but there were dead. Since then, according to Rhodes authorities, everything has changed, and there is almost no island left refugees. Vice Governor Marieta Papavasiliou said: “The influx of new migrants has stopped. And in 2015 if they arrived in Rhodes for a year, they stayed there for no more than 3 days. “And indeed: the Greek island became only transshipment point for the subsequent movement to the North Europe In any case, the authorities have already rushed to reassure tourists: to to the possible reception of refugees, everything is ready, and in an emergency they are not interfere with the rest of the island guests.

Representatives of tour operators fully agree with the official by individuals. In their opinion, if refugees met, it was extremely rare and in the western part of Rhodes, where few tourists. Besides reception migrants in special camps are allowed only in Lesbos and Spit.

Island of Rhodes. Island of the Knights old

As for the views of tourists, then, according to statistics, The number of holidaymakers from the UK and Germany has not decreased. The tourist flow from Russia has noticeably decreased. but Professionals tend to associate this with financial rather than migratory crisis.

Tourists from different countries themselves discuss the situation at different forums and share experiences. Those who managed to visit Rhodes they say: they did not encounter refugees in Rhodes and no problems during the holidays are not experienced. Other They say they have heard of beach thefts. But do they have to them attitude is migrants, unknown.

Today the situation in Rhodes is under control. Almost all refugees who arrived on the island at different times, long ago forwarded ferry to Athens. According to the mayor of Rhodes Fotis Hadzidiakos, in 2016, if necessary, work will be adjusted along the same lines to make tourists feel comfortable

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