Rhodes Island. Island of the Knights


Остров Родос – крупнейший из архипелага Додеканес, омываемыйAegean and Mediterranean Seas. The area of ​​Rhodes is 1,400,68 km2, which allows you to safely attribute it to the number of large islands Greece on a par with Crete, Lesbos, Evia.

A picturesque corner of nature is located 18 km south-west of Turkey and about 350 km southeast of Athens.

Fabulously beautiful island became popular thanks not only unique heritage sites. It also attracts tourists. luxury hotels with luxury beaches for an unforgettable vacation. Admirers of a quiet secluded holiday will love to poorly populated resorts. Fans of active pastime will find I like to do something in my heart establishments.

The island can rightly be called the Mediterranean pearl: the prevailing mountainous terrain with picturesque valleys, hills and amazing beaches on the coast.

Medieval City of Rhodes

The administrative center is the city of Rhodes.

Sights of Rhodes

The Island of the Knights is another name for Rhodes – has a long history. The abundance of ancient monuments in confirmation: medieval castle of the Hospitaller, knightly fortifications, Palace of the Great Masters, synagogues and minarets …

Wandering labyrinths of narrow streets leading the traveler to magnificent buildings and amazingly beautiful houses with blooming balconies, allow you to plunge into a mosaic of cultural influences, which has more than 2500 years of rich history.

castle on Rhodes

Medieval Paglia Pauley, now called the old The city of Rhodes is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Sightseeing walks in the superbly preserved city of the Knights are among the main programs of sites visiting the island.

Lindos is another island visiting card located in the southern east coast. City by law can be considered a picturesque corner: a labyrinth of cobbled streets with many galleries and souvenir shops, white houses, chapels …

impressive Lindos

Monuments of the ancient cities of Kamiros and Ialyssos – the leading archaeological zones of the island. Kamiros – a city known to most tourists as suddenly the devastated Pompey strikes the imagination of the Doric temple, ancient market (Agora) and fascinates picturesque scenery.

Continuing the theme of the amazingly beautiful corners of the island, it is worth to mention the seven Springs (Epta Pigez), according to believe cleansing of the seven deadly sins. From located nearby the tavern offers a beautiful view of the springs and picturesque landscapes of a fabulously beautiful corner.

The Valley of the Butterflies is a unique place that attracts in their spaces in the summer, thousands of colorful light-winged beauties. In late July – early August, an amazing metamorphosis: the caterpillars turn into butterflies and soar over open spaces of the valley. On the visitors corner produces a lasting impressed landscape landscape with crystal clear streams, waterfall and lakes over which picturesque spilled wooden bridges.

Valley of the Butterflies - a unique place

Weather in Rhodes

The island’s climate is temperate Mediterranean. AT summer months are dominated by fairly high temperatures, significantly softened by northerly winds. During this period, precipitation is practically not fall out. Winter weather is warm and mild, characterized by high moisture and plenty of rain.


Glistra – a small sandy bay, located 11 km from Lindos to the south. Hidden from winds of green hills a beach with clear sand and turquoise transparent water among locals is considered one of the best beaches Rhodes.

Prasonisi is the perfect place for surfers located on the extreme point of the south coast of the island in two hours from the city of Rhodes. A unique corner attracts tourists unique landscapes, revealing in all its glory in summer months. A calm beach during this period is great for surfing and diving.

Agios Pavlos – no less picturesque small beach of the Aegean Sea, convenient for diving and activities diving

Vliha – pebble beach with crystal clear turquoise water. The place is adapted for lovers of organized recreation: umbrellas and sun beds, located along the coast, allow enjoy the beautiful beauty in a comfortable environment.

Tsambika Beach – a place organized for family comfortable rest: bright sun, fine sand, beach chairs and umbrellas placed along the coast. The most popular corner Rhodes got its name from the nearby cliff sights – the monastery of Panagia Tsambiki. Numerous childless families and pilgrims seek to get into it. holy place, praying to Panagia for the attainment of the gift of procreation.

Agathi – a small “puppet” beach, favorite local people of the island. In recent years, hidden from view The corner is increasingly taking tourists, attracting them with turquoise waters, golden sand and the search for new experiences.

Agathi Beach in Rhodes


The island has a well-developed hotel infrastructure: from economy class hotel to a luxury hotel class.

Greek tour operator or online booking system with will easily offer many accommodation options during the holidays on Rhodes. Most hotels are located directly in tourist centers near the sea.

Map of Rhodes

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