Relaxing holiday in Crete: Agia resort Pelagia

Not far from the Cretan capital of Heraklion is located a cozy resort town – Agia Pelagia. In the 60’s to a quiet village appeared first interest, and very soon it became an attractive place for relaxing holiday. The unconditional advantages of Agia Pelagia – its developed infrastructure, location and proximity to the best the sights of Crete.


Что представляет собой курорт?

In Agia Pelagia come those who like a measured pace leisure and homely atmosphere. Noisy parties do not happen here, but there is no shortage of entertainment. You can go to the souvenir shops or rent a car to travel around Crete. With power in Agia Pelagia will have no problem. In a small village are presented all kinds of establishments – from expensive restaurants with magnificent views to traditional cozy taverns serving no less quality and delicious food.


Agia Pelagia in Crete reminds amphitheater – from many hotels The village offers scenic views. And this factor is worth considering. Those who do not like walking. However, on the coast a lot hotels from which the sea is within reach. But for active tourists steep ascents Agia Pelagia – a big plus. Can stroll through the hills, enjoy the flavors of Cretan herbs and walk to a small Byzantine church. She is quite petite and stands on rocky cliff. In ancient times, here discovered the miraculous an icon.

Agia Pelagia beaches

The main advantage of Agia Pelagia is narrow but immaculate. coast. The bay of the village is reliably protected by rocks from the winds. When at other resorts of Crete the sea is raging, in Agia Pelagia the water remains calm. This is what attracts vacationers, especially tourists. with kids. The central beach of the town is covered with soft sand, although the entrance the sea is quite sharp. In the middle there are safe sloping areas. Leisure can be diversified – in Agia Pelagia is ready to teach to him everyone.

Relaxing holiday in Crete: resort of Agia Pelagia

Near the resort there are other beaches. Little Bay Ligaria also protected from the wind and equipped with everything necessary. Beach Psaromur is preferred by the Cretans themselves, who come here to weekends. However, the waves here are common.

What to visit nearby

The specialty of Agia Pelagia is its convenient location. Village located almost in the center of Crete, which makes it a good point for trips around the island. Although Agia Pelagia himself was not famous attractions, very close is the famous Knossos. Its current state can hardly be called excavation – rather, reconstruction, which will give a rough idea of ​​the appearance luxurious Minoan palace.

Returning from Knossos, you need to stay in Heraklion. Exactly at the capital of the island is better to make purchases, but at the same time you can see The main attractions of this city: the fountain Morosini, Koules Fortress and the beautiful Venetian Loggia.

fishing boats in Heraklion

From Agia Pelagia you can go to the palace of Malia, which is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Crete. In the territory excavations are represented by the repository, the Western Courtyard, columns with carved signs on them, loggia, stairs and many others buildings. Mali Palace has not been reconstructed, in contrast from Knossos. The higher its value for tourists.

Worth a trip to the picturesque village of Rogdia. It is located on elevations and reveals amazing views of the sea and Heraklion. By the way, local taverns offer such delicious food that residents of the Cretan capital have become frequent guests in Rogdia. In the village You can walk along the narrow streets and explore the traditional houses. AND, Of course, see the old monastery Savvafianon.

After driving close to Agia Pelagia, you can get to the village Fodele. She is known as the birthplace of El Greco, which attracts a lot tourists. Fodele is surrounded by orange groves, and flowing next the river makes the village a fertile oasis. In Fodele stands stop near the Byzantine church and stop at El Greco’s house. Here is a collection telling about his work and of life.

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