Prices in Greece. How much to take with you money

One of the main problems to be solved before trip to Greece, is to determine the minimum the amount of money needed for this.


Понятно, что кроме затрат непосредственно связанных с отдыхом,it is necessary to provide spending on gifts for relatives and friends, souvenirs and all sorts of little things that are original in Greece and attractive. I want to assure those who dream of going to Greece, that prices in this country are so democratic that our compatriots living in cities, consider them (prices) very low.

So, the dream came true, you flew to Greece, settled in hotel and immediately rush to the beach. It may happen that you decide to get new, the most fashionable beach this season accessories. Then you should visit a gift shop or nearest supermarket. The minimum cost of swimsuits and swimming trunks is 10 €. A large and bright beach towel costs 5 €, so much same – beach umbrella. You can do without an umbrella, since local The beaches always have cafes with umbrellas and sun beds, for which nothing no need to pay. Just buy some drink from the cafe and use the sun loungers as much as you wish. The cheapest a drink in such a cafe is cold coffee for € 2.5-3, which the Greeks called frappe. Beer and cocktails cost about 5 €.

Prices in Greece. How much money to take with you

After swimming you want to eat. In that case, if the cost food is not included in the price of the hotel, you must go to the nearest tavern. It should be recognized that prices are very low, but the portions are huge. 2-3 € need to pay for a salad, 5 € or a bit more per serving of kebab with a side dish, from 5 to 15 € is a portion freshly prepared fish and 1.5 € for a glass of local wine. For dessert usually money is not spent, as usually the owner of the tavern treats them visitors. Those who wish to save on food can have lunch junk food This is a local analogue of shawarma, very satisfying and worth the whole. 2,5 €. Those who wish to eat in the hotel room can take in the store. bread for € 0.7, sausage or cheese for € 2-2.5, oranges or others fruits (from 0.8 €), apples or bananas (1.2 €), a bottle of water (0.2 €). Evening coffee will cost 2-3 €, and cocktails at the bar – from 6 €.

A hike for souvenirs is a pleasant and memorable journey through local shops. Fridge magnet can be purchased for 1,5 €, vases, ashtrays or coffee sets with local flavor – from 5 €. A postcard with a view of Greece costs 0.5 €, and for another 0.5 € you can immediately send to Russia from a nearby post office. Road maps for those who want to drive a rented car cost from 1.5 €. The only product that is more expensive in Greece than in Russia – it is tobacco products. But the price of alcohol on order below domestic, and a bottle of wine will cost only 3-5 €. Trips to historic places in Greece cost from 5 to 10 €, however you should know that there are days when visiting the monuments not charged. For example, on Sunday you can get to the Acropolis without payment.

Prices in Greece. How much money to take with you

Those who want to know the country better can take a trip. on a rented car. This requires international law. The cost of daily rent ranges from 40 € and depends on time of year and the number of days for which the rent is made. If a the purpose of the trip to Greece is to travel around the country on a rented car, then the lease is better to conclude advance on the internet. Then there will be no problems due car shortages at the height of the tourist season. Per liter gasoline last summer paid 1.8 €. Also some amount money should be reserved for travel on the roads of the country, some of which are paid.

Prices in Greece. How much money to take with you

Calculate the costs that should be planned on time. visit Greece, transfer their euros and set aside this amount. I would like to additionally report that a trip to Greece in October much cheaper than in summer, as the weather will still be good, and tourists will be much less.

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