Plan “12”: Greece will be year-round direction


Греческая ассоциация туристических агентств (HATTA) составилаplan for year-round attraction of tourists to Greece. He received the name “Dodek” (12) and includes the creation of a route associated with 12 gods of Olympus.

The route will include places and attractions, one way or another. associated with the ancient Greek gods. Pre it entered Athens, Naxos, Aegina, Ancient Olympia, Delos and Pella. According to HATTA, this unique project will breathe life into the less visited places of Greece. An online platform will also be created where will concentrate all the information for tourists.

The project will include the facilities of the Olympic Games in Athens, which after 2004 were not used. The program “Olympic Legends” allow tourists to even participate in the ancient forms of sports contests. In addition, HATTA relies on religious tourism – its potential is not fully utilized.

Another part of the plan, called “Sky and Sea”, is related to aviation. and sailing. New travel packages will develop in conjunction with the annual yacht exhibition in Poros.

A special place in the “Dodek” plan is given to urban tourism in Athens and Thessaloniki. It is planned that the two capitals of Greece will become popular Christmas destinations. A festive atmosphere Tourists will feel in the cities from November 1.

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