Peloponnese Peninsula. Greece in miniature


Как и большинство греческих островов, Пелопоннес славитсяpicturesque villages, legendary ancient cities, lively tourist centers with archaeological sites and of course the same, fabulous resorts with unique routes.

This status was assigned to the Peloponnese by nature itself. In its form the peninsula resembles a sheet of plane tree, the Gulf of Corinth separates it from the mainland to the south. The area of ​​the region is 22 million square meters. km with a population of 1 million inhabitants. Geographical features Peninsula delights its diversity: the Peloponnese is predominantly mountainous, but among the mountains are hidden extraordinarily picturesque plains. Taygetos – the highest mountain Peloponnese, whose height is just over 2 thousand meters. It is significant that the mountains of the peninsula are a continuation mountain range of mainland Greece. They open up opportunities for winter skiing. At other times of the year, hiking in the mountains Parnassus and Taygetos allow you to get acquainted with a unique ecosystem Peloponnese.

The peninsula is washed from two sides: the Ionian Sea to the west and Bay of Mirto to the east.

Weather in Peloponnese

Weather in Peloponnese

The climate of the Peloponnese is traditional for The Mediterranean. In its coastal areas often prevails Mediterranean sea climate. But in the mountainous central part Observe lower temperatures and even heavy rainfall in winter. The eastern part is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with infrequent rains. Rainy mild winters and very warm summers can be in the west of the peninsula. Average air temperature in Peloponnese in summer it is 24 C, it is ideal for a comfortable stay.

Hotels in Peloponessa

The natural characteristics of the peninsula created a special atmosphere have an unforgettable vacation.

Hotels in Peloponessa

Therefore, the Peloponnese hotels display features of each region of the region. In medieval Monemvasia, mountainous Arcadia and the town of Mani tourists expect xenonasy – traditional greek hotels. Taygethos, Parnonas and Kalavrit welcome guests to the most colorful chalets, stone and mountain hotels villas, revealing views of authentic forest settlements. On the coasts Achai, Messinia and Ilias in Loutraki are large SPA complexes and resorts.


Archaeological sites, including which Ancient Olympia (the birthplace of the Olympic Games), Ancient Nemea (cradle of the Nemean Games) and the famous Sparta.

You can learn more about the sights from the article. “The Peloponnese peninsula is a paradise of ancient Greece.”


If you decide to dedicate your vacation to a beach holiday, then Peloponnese will delight you with its variety of beautiful beaches.

  • Agia Varvara (Laconia Mani) – sandy beach surrounded by thick greens.
  • Voydokilia (Messinia, 10 km from Pylos) – the most popular beach Greece
  • Zakharo (Ilia, 40 km from Pyrgo) – sandy beach on the shore Ionian Sea. The length of the beach is 50 km!
  • Kyparissi (60 km from Monevassia) – a pebble beach with a beautiful panoramic view.
  • Kolonides (4 km from Koroni) – sandy beach, located in surrounded by a beautiful grove.
  • Mavrovouni (Messinia) – a number of sandy beaches with perfectly clean water
  • Phoneas (Messinia) – a beach with white pebbles.
  • Thermal springs Loutra Kaiaf (south of Elijah) – famous for its healing properties of the beach, where guests come from all corners of the planet to improve their health.

beaches of the Peloponnese


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