Patras How to have fun and what to do in the third the city of greece?



The biggest attraction Patr – Medieval Castle. It is built on the highest point of the Upper Town, on the site of the ancient acropolis. Up to the 20th century used for the defense of Patr. The castle is perfectly preserved today interesting not only for its architecture. There is a small theater here, where in the summer festivals are held. And its location on the hill gives you the opportunity to see Patras, its port and opposite banks at a glance.

In the western part of the city is the Odeon. Invasions, wars and elements severely destroyed it, and the building was “buried” for a long time. Only in 1889, the Odeon accidentally discovered during the construction of the port. His recovery lasted 60 years, when finally the Odeon was given the original form. Mosaics have been found in the surrounding area, several sarcophagi and numerous antiquities. Today Odeon functions as the main summer venue festival.

Patras. How to have fun and what to do in the third city of Greece?

Agios Andreas Cathedral is another important landmark Patr. It is built in honor of the patron saint of the city. Apostle Andrew, right on the site of his crucifixion. Distinctive feature Cathedral – an extensive dome, made in the style of the Byzantine architecture with arches and bell towers. The dimensions of the temple allow consider it the largest in Greece. The interior of the cathedral is decorated numerous mosaics and the marble throne.

In the city cultural center is located the Folklore Museum art, which since 1977 preserves the heritage of Patr. Here presents working tools from rural furniture and numerous handicrafts from nearby villages. The museum has a collection of archival photos and documents.

Concluding their visit to Patras, tourists visit one of the oldest wineries of Greece – Achaia Klaus. It has been functioning for 150 years and produces 70 brands of drink. In the cellars of the plant there are exclusive wines and specimens available to the masses to the consumer. It is worth buying the famous “Mavrodafne” or “Demestika”.

Patras. How to have fun and what to do in the third city of Greece?


Despite the fact that the city is located near the turquoise sea, Patras Do not consider a beach resort. There is a city beach here, incredible crowded during the hot months. However, it is worth doing as residents Patr: go to more suitable places for recreation. 8 km from Patr is located clean sandy beach of Rio. Round the clock here is not the music in the bars is silent, although you can find a quiet corner. 16 km Patras and Psafopirgos beach share. It is located in a quiet fishing village. On the clean coast are fish taverns. Noisy there are no bars here, so Psaphopirgos is recommended for family recreation.

17 km from Patr is located the popular resort Rodini. Here there is a family atmosphere, and the coast is clean. Many residents of Patras have cottages in Rodini or come here for the weekend. Therefore, in the village a lot of affordable housing.

Patras. How to have fun and what to do in the third city of Greece?photo: Christos Panagiotou


If the Upper City is an ancient sight, then Lower city open all possibilities for entertainment. Insofar as Patra has long been a city of students, there are quite a few clubs here. AT night bars going to a different audience: from fans of techno music up to fans of traditional Greek motifs.

Embankment Patr is a favorite place for evening walks. among residents and visitors. The best in this area cafes, coastal taverns and small parks. In the summer on the waterfront Open theater works.

If you manage to be in Patras in the winter, you can be sure: here held the best Greek carnivals. Celebrations celebrate scale, arranging theatrical performances, processions, costume parades.

Patras. How to have fun and what to do in the third city of Greece?

Patras can not be called a priority for Greece Russian tourists. But by Greek standards, this city is a metropolis, where, as it should be, there is everything for a diverse holiday.

photo: Stelios Kritikakis

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